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Ryan, CEO of Barnes & Noble bookstore Regio published that he is optimistic about the future of book sales and publishing industry

at the pubwest annual conference held recently, Ryan, CEO of Barnes & Noble bookstore Len Riggio delivered a keynote speech, saying that he remained optimistic about the future of book sales and publishing industry, because the development of digital publishing is generating more and more readers and content. He pointed out that during the last holiday, while Barnes & Noble Bookstore sold more than 1million nook readers, the sales of physical books also increased. The only change is that the sales proportion of different products of the company has changed. For every 20% increase in the overall content spending of nook users, the spending on physical books will be reduced by 20%

rigio said that the content explosion brought about by technological progress means two things, one is that people will buy more content, the other is that people will need more services to help them find the content they need. He predicted that the total number of e-books would reach 10 million by 2020

despite the explosive growth of digital content, Riccio promised that Barnes & Noble bookstore would always uphold its responsibilities. No matter how the world changes, we will actively adapt, and we will not waver in constantly increasing the proportion of new materials in the raw material industry

Riccio also believes that if publishers want to maintain their indispensable role, they should not hesitate to start publishing digital content in various forms and lengths. While publishing digital content, if they continue to publish physical books, they should not reduce the quality. Publishers should regard physical books as the watcher of their customers

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