Safe absorption of the hottest welding fume

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Safe absorption of welding fume

in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to welding fume absorption devices. One of the important reasons is the enhancement of the awareness of environmental protection in the whole society. For a long time, the type of harmful substances in the welding process is determined by the welding method used, which generally includes gas and smoke, and smoke can also be defined as dust. Under the microscope, it can be seen that these soot are composed of small particles that can enter the lungs, and their size is usually 0.001mm or less

in the process of welding process, a large number of smoke and dust containing heavy metal particles are suspended in the air and reach the human lungs with the breathing air, which is harmful to people's health. Therefore, it is urgent to develop efficient smoke and dust filtration equipment to provide clean and breathable air for the workplace

ventilation technology in welding workshops is an important issue for enterprises today, which is helpful to understand how to control welding smoke. In the past, people often used an ordinary workshop ventilation fan to improve the environment of jobs affected by harmful substances, such as the improvement of the environment of the welding station when the welding machine was turned off or the equipment suddenly stopped automatically. In this case, it only increases the air convection in the whole welding workshop, that is, the air in the whole workshop is exchanged, making the workshop more and more diffuse. However, harmful gases in the breathing range of welding workers have not been effectively controlled

there is also a so-called overhead ventilation device, which is the same with installing a large suction port on the top of the welding position. It is conceivable that in this poor air guidance mode, harmful substances first pass through the welder's breathing area and then upward, and the welder will first inhale harmful substances, which obviously goes against the wishes of the inventor of this device

direct point suction device

is more economical and effective than workshop ventilation fan or overhead system. The way to remove harmful substances is to directly inhale at the place where harmful substances are generated

in China, with the continuous improvement of people's concept of labor protection, people pay more and more attention to the physical and mental health of workers, and pay attention to the use of purification equipment that completely eliminates harmful gases rather than ventilation equipment that simply transfers harmful gases

whether in terms of investment cost or operation cost, direct point inhalation is quite cheap. Moreover, in terms of ventilation technology, direct point suction is the most effective way to remove harmful substances in welding jobs, so we should promote direct point suction devices. Only by pumping away the harmful gas at the source of generation and using absorption and ventilation equipment appropriately can it play an effective protective role

the suction arm produced by Kemper GmbH has a joint structure, which can stay at any position within the adjustable range like a human arm. There is a handle on the suction cover for adjusting the position of the suction cover. The suction hood is equipped with a damper for adjusting the suction effect

the shape of the new "Kemper" suction hood and the damper device can better absorb welding smoke. Its air outlet can be closer to the welding point, and a protection is added in function. The suction hood can better inhale downward, and the suction area is significantly expanded

another way to directly absorb welding smoke is to inhale the welding gun, absorb harmful gas through the suction nozzle on the welding gun that can adjust the gas flow, and use a high vacuum equipment to make the welding smoke flow out of the air duct connecting the cable assembly. Welding fume can also be sucked away from the high vacuum suction equipment through the suction mask


all suction units, such as suction arm, suction welding gun, etc., can be combined with a single suction/filtration device or a central suction/filtration device (soot purifier). The filtration system can adopt different working methods: the mechanical system needs to replace the filtration unit, the electrostatic system needs to clean the filtration unit, and the cartridge filtration system with automatic cleaning filtration device. The automatic cleaning cartridge filtration system represents today's advanced technology, and it does not need to deal with the filter cartridge in the process of use

cartridge smoke and dust purifiers are divided into two categories: single table type and central station type. The working principle of "Kemper" filter cartridge is the surface filtration principle. Its surface is covered with a thin layer of Teflon material to prevent the inhaled smoke and dust from entering the filter material, and harmful substances are only attached to the surface of the filter material

with harmful substances, your every call is our support! Compared with the deep filtration that enters the filter material and stays, this surface filtration method is extremely beneficial to the welding smoke. When the suction device works, the filter cartridge is automatically cleaned through the control of air pressure difference, and compressed air is evenly sprayed on the inner wall of the filter layer through the rotating nozzle. The dust accumulated on the outer wall of the filter drum is blown away and falls into the dust collecting drum. In this filtration system, the harmful substances in the smoke and dust collection drum must be taken out and disposed of regularly

in the mechanical filtration system, harmful substances inhaled first pass through a pre filter, and large sundries will be filtered out. For other sundries, the main filter can ensure the filtration effect of more than 99%. Through the special wrinkle of glass fiber material, the main filter gets an extra large filtering surface, and the total separation is determined by different physical and mechanical filtering effects, even the smallest soot particles (0.1 μ M) can also be filtered out. According to the use time and the types of harmful substances that need to be filtered, the main filter should be replaced every six months to one year

The working principle of the electrostatic filtration system is to generate high-frequency electrostatic adsorption and separation. Nowadays, electrostatic filtration system is almost only used in the welding smoke environment with special oil. The inhaled particles enter the ionizing components with the gas flow, where they are positively charged by a strong electromagnetic field. When charged particles enter the negative electrode area between the collection plates, they are firmly adsorbed on the metal plate. This process is similar to the effect of electromagnet adsorbing iron filings. Electrostatic filter is a permanent filter, which needs to be cleaned with water at regular intervals (we are willing to share our expertise in the field of non-metallic materials, pressure cleaners, cleaning pools)

harmful air filtration can also be completed by a central filtration equipment with multiple suction ports, and a single suction device is connected to the central station filtration system through a centralized pipeline system. In the central filtration equipment, it can also be adjusted by the valve of each suction station. In summer, the filtered air can be discharged out of the house, while in winter, it can flow back indoors (except for high alloy materials)

application of direct point suction device

not only manual welding position, but also the amount of welding smoke on automatic welding position may exceed the standard. These harmful substances not only harm the health of welders, but also affect the performance of welding robots. Although the welding robot is very firm, it will also be affected by metal dust in long-term work, especially in the bearing part and electronic part. Small dust will aggravate the wear of the bearing part and lead to the error action of the electronic part. Inhaling directly at the place where harmful substances are generated can improve the working environment of workers and robots. The harmful gas can be limited within a certain range and the polluted air can be sucked away through a suction hood with suction pipe or anti chord curtain at the edge installed on the manipulator. The suction hood is a device connected with the suction/filtration equipment through a connecting pipe. Multiple manipulator suction hoods can also be connected with a large central suction/filtration device. Different filtration systems are used according to the application and the materials to be welded

tin welding is the most basic and necessary welding process in the production process of the electronic industry and its various branches. Because tin is made of alloy materials, pollutants that are directly harmful to human health will be produced during welding. The extremely strong smell, strong flue gas (PB), oil gas, etc. produced by the evaporation of tin during welding pollute the working site and the surrounding environment, causing headache, fatigue and inattention of workers. Similarly, a very similar problem also exists in all immersion welding industries. During immersion welding, it also emits a large amount of gas, which affects people's health. Welding fume purification equipment should also be used in this industry to reduce or eliminate the impact of various welding fume on human body

on site absorption in the welding workplace is the most effective method of dust purification, and it is also one of the characteristics of modern workshop standards. (end)

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