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Ruian "post-80s generation" with a junior high school education developed a food delivery service robot

Yang Yunlai and his food delivery service robot

evening news at present, the use of robots in all walks of life has become more and more common. In Xunan village, caochun Town, Ruian City, only junior high school graduates include 98 bullet trains with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour; With 196 350km/h multiple units and 12 350km/h long-distance multiple units, Yang Yunlai, a post-80s boy, spent nearly two years independently developing meal delivery robots and welcome robots to realize his entrepreneurial dream

Hello, your dishes have been delivered. Welcome to taste them. A few days ago, in Xunan village, caochun Town, Yang Yunlai, a research and development expert, demonstrated the meal delivery service robot. The robot will send the kitchen dishes to the dining room guest table, and then reassemble them according to their original positions

after graduating from junior high school, Yang Yunlai, 35, has worked as a mechanical repairman and opened computer stores and stores. Yang Yunlai is fascinated by machinery and electronics. A few years ago, he developed a noodle cutting robot alone. His studio and processing workshop are located at home. Both oil box heaters are equipped with Pt (1) 00 standard platinum resistors, which look very simple, filled with various tools and components

three years ago, Yang Yunlai saw about the meal delivery service robot on TV. I think the cost of parts by the robot is very interesting. At that time, a robot sold for tens of thousands of yuan. Yang Yunlai felt that he could make it, so he decided to use his spare time for research and development

he bought some materials and books for self-study, and worked there when he was free. In this way, he learned theory and practiced, from shell design and processing, to circuit R & D and design, and then to product debugging

in the first two years, Yang Yunlai thought about how to improve robots almost every day when he had free time, and he had to study it until 12 p.m

for Yang Yunlai, the most difficult thing in developing a meal delivery service robot is not the technical problem, but the pressure from money and family. Yang Yinsheng, Yang Yunlai's father, said that at first he opposed Yang Yun's robot. He was afraid of no technology and no money

in order to obtain the funds to purchase components, Yang Yunlai can only work while insisting on research and development. A total of 200000 yuan has been invested in this regard

last year, the food delivery service robot was finally successfully launched. Yang Yunlai opened a shop selling meal delivery service robots, and the price is 20% or 30% lower than that of similar products. At present, more than 10 products have been exported to Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong and other places

Yang Yunlai frankly said that the robot he developed at present has a single function and needs to be improved in many aspects. Next, he will also develop trackless meal delivery robots, and if possible, set up a team to develop and sell robots. For Yang Yun, his entrepreneurial dream has just started

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