Saab and UMS aviation group set up a joint venture

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Saab and UMS aviation group set up a Tactical UAV joint venture

Saab and UMS aviation group set up a Tactical UAV joint venture

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Saab, a defense and security company, and UMS aero Group AG, a Swiss supplier of tactical UAVs, announced that the two companies are setting up a joint venture in the name of UMS skeldar AG. UMS skeldar will strengthen Saab's products in the Tactical UAV market. Saab will transfer all assets related to its skeldar unmanned helicopter to UMS skeldar

ums skeldar is a multi skilled enterprise with all the functions required to manage and provide UAV programs. This includes the development, manufacturing, testing, training and maintenance of aircraft, as well as all related systems such as ground stations, communication links and data terminals. Saab's shareholding in UMS skeldar reached 47%

The UMS skeldar product portfolio includes four certified vehicles weighing kg. In addition to the skeldar unmanned helicopter, there are two fixed wing UAVs and another rotor UAV

through UMS skeldar, I can get a product portfolio that can complement Saab's other investments in autonomous systems in an excellent way by buying the innovation chain of technology development, transfer and decentralization and first-time commercialization. This partnership makes the marketing and sales of skeldar and other unmanned systems more concerned. Through the joint venture, we can provide the market with the flexibility of small companies and Saab's rich experience in the aviation field, said ULF Nilsson, head of Saab business district airlines

ums skeldar CEO Jacob Bowman said: our integrated portfolio can meet the needs of customers in many fields, whether it is defense, Blu ray force or civilian customers

ums skeldar's business will involve about 55 employees. It has even become the best choice for air conditioning framework materials. Its headquarters will be located in mhlin, Switzerland, and an office will be set up in Lin Xueping, Sweden

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