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According to Reuters, the United States is facing increasing pressure from the international community to relax the long-standing crude oil export ban; Recently, South Korea and Mexico have also joined the European Union, and Huang Rongxun is responsible for bringing the technologically mature R & D results back to the Dongguan League to put pressure on the United States

U.S. lawmakers said that South Korean President Park Geun hye told visiting members of the U.S. House of Representatives Energy Committee on August 11 that the United States should give priority to opening up light and low sulfur crude oil in Texas and North Dakota in China's plastic machinery market

Mexico is also eagerly waiting for the reply of the U.S. Department of Commerce on oil exports, while the European Union hopes to cover U.S. oil and gas exports with the transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement (TTIP) signed with the United States

the talks in South Korea showed that the pressure of the Obama administration to relax the oil export ban has expanded rapidly. Under the background of advocating the free trade agreement (FTA), the ban has also been increasingly questioned

Mexico's oil reserves have decreased and crude oil supply is urgently needed. Pemex, a state-owned oil company, said on Thursday that it may reach a crude oil swap or direct import agreement with the United States

Jose Manuel Carrera, CEO of PMI Comercio Internacional, the trading department of state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexico, told Reuters that the company has been negotiating with government officials and potential suppliers to start oil shipments

Japanese government officials said that the government pays close attention to U.S. oil production, but is interested in purchasing only when its supply price is reasonable. Tokyo has not asked the United States to relax the export ban at present

at the same time, American oil companies such as continental resources are also trying to promote the relaxation, or preferably the lifting of the ban. The ban was implemented after the Arab oil embargo in 1970, and they believe it is outdated

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