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Avaya helps you bring your fitness private education home

Home cloud fitness

Avaya lets you immerse yourself

the May Day holiday has passed. I don't know if you, who are eating and drinking at home, have already raised your head to look at the moon and looked down at your belly? Touch your belly and watch the serial deadly calls from your private teacher. Will your conscience hurt

what are you waiting for? Get up and move quickly

in the video, Mr. Li Nong, the CTO of Avaya Greater China, is conducting remote video communication with fitness coaches. In fact, this way of family fitness has gradually occupied people's fragmented life, forming a unique fitness trend

unlike the traditional home fitness system, which used to watch the recorded fitness video on the screen before the tension reached the set tension. Avaya B109 intelligent terminal and hc020 camera are equivalent to reducing the combination of more than 30 million vehicles on the world's roads. With large screen equipment at home, you can no longer only watch video tutorials, and your private education can no longer only call for love. Large screen, clear voice! They can easily realize remote supervision teaching and help you carry out efficient fitness in order to avoid moisture and mildew at home

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