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Pressure gradually highlights the urgency of Shandong Iron and steel production capacity transfer

pressure gradually highlights the urgency of Shandong Iron and steel production capacity transfer

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"Whether it's the ranking of steel production capacity, the diversity of steel products, the radius of resource radiation and the degree of downstream demand, Shandong has a very important position in China's steel territory. However, the national steel production has increased year by year, and the growth rate of steel production in Shandong Province has always followed the pace of the whole country. The pressure has gradually become prominent, and the transfer of production capacity is also imminent.

Shanghai Steel Union" my steel " Latest disclosure: Shandong's position as a major steel province has never been shaken. Whether it is the ranking of steel production capacity, the diversity of steel products, or the radius of resource radiation and downstream demand, Shandong has a very important position in China's steel territory. However, with the increasingly obvious problem of overcapacity in the country's steel industry, steel enterprises in Shandong have increasingly realized the importance of "going global"

"my steel" analysts believe that the national steel production is increasing year by year, and the growth rate of steel production in Shandong Province has always followed the national pace. The pressure is becoming increasingly prominent, and the transfer of production capacity is also imminent

the regional advantages of Shandong steel "going out"

"going out", everyone first thought of export. When it comes to exports, people can immediately think of the popular concept of "the Belt and Road". Since the spring and Autumn period, Shandong has opened up the Oriental Maritime Silk Road, which is at least 500 years earlier than the Silk Road in the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Shandong paved the earliest "maritime Silk Road" in ancient China, and it is well deserved for the national strategy to include Shandong in the maritime Silk Road. In Shandong, Qingdao, Rizhao, Linyi and other cities basically coincide with the north line of the new silk road. These cities are important outlets to the sea and the forefront of opening up in the central and western regions of China. They have a unique geographical location, efficient and convenient collection and distribution, and great development potential

"my steel" analysts believe that in addition to exports, Shandong has obvious geographical advantages in distributing resources to other domestic provinces, bordering Hebei Province in the northwest, Henan Province in the southwest, and Anhui and Jiangsu provinces in the south. Shandong Peninsula is opposite to Liaodong Peninsula, surrounded by Bohai Bay, with a coastline of 3024 kilometers. Water transportation, automobile transportation, fire transportation and other basic logistics conditions have obvious advantages

resource advantages of "going out" of Shandong steel

"my steel" analysts believe that the diversity of steel types in Shandong is unmatched in many provinces, and there are all kinds of plates, wires, shapes, tubes, etc. when the samples are stretched to a certain elongation at a certain speed or to a specified load. In terms of plates, Jigang, Laigang, Rizhao, Taigang and other steel plants are in the forefront of the country in terms of output and high-end quality development; In terms of rods and wires, ordinary steel enterprises represented by Yongfeng and Shiheng special steel of Laiwu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Youte steel plant represented by Qinggang and Weifang special steel have obvious advantages; In terms of profiles, among the top five H-beam steel mills in China, Shandong includes Laigang and Rizhao steel mills, while the profile steel production units represented by Huanghe special steel and Chuanyang steel also radiate their products across the country; In terms of pipes, Liaocheng and Linyi regions in Shandong Province are important steel pipe production and distribution centers in East China

the steel industry in almost every city in Shandong is relatively developed and benchmarked. Steel markets such as Tai'an manzhuang steel market, Linyi Hedong steel market and Qingdao MinLong steel market were once important steel distribution markets in Shandong and even the country. The rich variety of steel products also makes many foreign or provincial and municipal purchasing units inspect Shandong as an important purchasing market

in addition to the abundance of steel products, Shandong is also an important place of origin for iron and steel raw materials such as iron and coal mines. Mining enterprises such as Jinling Iron Mine and Xinwen mining have been established for a long time, "relying on mountains to eat mountains" has been greatly reflected in Shandong steel industry. Most of the raw materials are mined in the west of Shandong Province, so large steel enterprises such as Jigang, Laiwu Steel and Yongfeng are located here

Shandong's steel exports performed well

driven by the idea of "the the Belt and Road", steel mills across the country, especially those in coastal and riverside areas, have sought external supply of steel. "My steel" analysts believe that the performance of steel exports in Shandong Province in recent years is absolutely brilliant. In 2014, China exported more than 92 million tons of steel, and Shandong Province exported more than 10.1 million tons of steel. In 2009, the figures were 24.5 million tons and 1.68 million tons respectively. Shandong's share of the country's steel exports increased from 6.8% to 13% in five years. There are two reasons for Shandong's rapid export growth: first, low prices frequently appear in domestic trade, and exports are used to grab profits. In particular, the steel enterprises represented by Rizhao, with large production capacity (annual production capacity of 15million tons), complete varieties (including plate, rod, wire, type and pipe varieties), and excellent geographical location (backed by Rizhao Port and adjacent to Qingdao port), made the total export volume of Rizhao in 2014 reach 3.5 million tons, accounting for more than 30% of the total annual export volume of Shandong Province; Second, Shandong has two major ports, Qingdao and Rizhao, with obvious regional advantages. The amount of resources in other inland regions "going out" through Shandong ports has also increased significantly

in 2014, the total amount of steel exported by China reached US $70.1 billion, and the total amount of steel exported by Shandong Province was about US $7.08 billion. In 2009, these two figures were US $22.29 billion and US $1.55 billion respectively. Shandong accounted for 10.1% of the total steel exports from 6.9%. It is not difficult to see from this figure that although there are more steel products "going out" from Shandong, the overall added value is not high, and low-end steel products still account for the majority. However, compared with five years ago, the proportion of the amount has increased significantly. This is also basically in line with the national policy on "energy conservation and emission reduction" to vigorously carry out high-quality base

in terms of varieties, from 2009 to 2014, the sharp increase in the export volume of steel in Shandong Province was rod and wire and plate. The export volume share of rod and wire increased from 5.3% to 9.2%, and the export volume share of plate increased from 5.9% to 12.8%; The export share of pipes increased slightly from 7.1% to 7.8%; The export share of angle steel remained at 11.8%

it can also be seen from the sharp increase in the export volume of some varieties (rods, wires and plates) that in recent years, the proportion of rods, wires and plates in the new production capacity of Shandong Province is relatively large. In the past few years, due to the boom in infrastructure, real estate, home appliance manufacturing, shipbuilding and other industries, Shandong Province has launched a number of new steel product production lines related to it. However, with the gradual slowdown of economic growth, these fast-growing capacity production lines have been transformed into excess capacity, so they also encountered the situation that resources are "difficult to digest locally and can only find a way" earlier. However, Shandong lacks large and strong high-end sheet metal production enterprises such as Baosteel, WISCO and Angang. After all, it is not a long-term plan to seek profits with tax rebates. Under the background that the foreign steel industry is also difficult to survive, anti-dumping and the Chinese government's lack of support for low value-added steel products will make it increasingly difficult for low-end steel products to find living space

in the process of transformation of the steel industry, we will also encounter problems such as uncertain foreign market situation, acclimatized export of enterprises, difficult turnover of large enterprises with excessive capital investment, and clumps of low-quality steel restricting the sales of regular manufacturers. The former pillar industry is now considered qualified when the degradation rate of 180 natural substances in plastic bags is greater than or equal to 15%, which seems very fragile, It also calls on relevant departments to introduce more grounded policies to protect iron and steel enterprises in the transition period

"my steel" analysts believe that facing difficulties and seizing advantages, the preparation and establishment of Rizhao Iron and steel boutique base of Shandong Iron and Steel Group, the commissioning of Rizhao Iron and steel ESP production line and Qingdao Iron and steel high-quality wire rod production line all show the determination of Shandong Iron and steel people to move their steel production capacity to the coast, adapt to the current situation and seek opportunities

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