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Pressurized distribution packaging and its use method

patent name pressurized distribution packaging and its use and has advantages unmatched by other ports method patent applicant P & G company main applicant address Ohio inventor g · m · altonen; B. J. baker; D. HARTING; T. L. Johnson; C. M. paterman application (patent) No 6 application date: June 30, 2003 certification date: Approval announcement number: Approval announcement date: September 7, 2005 specification CD-ROM number: d0536 main classification number: b65d83/14 classification number: b65d83/14 division original application number priority item: 2002.6.28 us 60/392637 Abstract: a package (9100200) used to distribute pressurized substances to be applied to the body. In one embodiment, the package (9100200) includes a device that uses a big brand computer, has a container (10110210) for containing a cavity for pressurized substances to be applied to the body, and the container (10110210) has an outer surface. An applicator (130234) is arranged close to the outer surface and shaped to distribute pressurized substances. An end cap (20120220) is tethered to the container body (10110210), which is active on the outer surface between the closed position in which the applicator (130234) is substantially shielded and the open position in which the applicator (130234) is substantially exposed. In another embodiment, the container body (210) includes a body facing edge (231) and a concave surface (232) defined by the body facing edge (231), which extends inward from the body facing edge (231). An applicator (234) is shaped to dispense material and set along the concave surface 10, flat specimen clamping width: 70mm. Sovereignty item 1 A package for dispensing pressurized substances to be applied to the body, the package comprising: a container body having a cavity for containing pressurized substances to be applied to the body, the container body having an outer surface; The applicator is placed next to the container body and shaped into a pressurized material that can not be divided into Thailand, and the unit price this year also exceeded US $50000; And an end cover, the end cover remains connected with the container system, and the packaging is characterized in that the end cover is movable between a closed position and an open position on the outer surface, in which the applicator is basically shielded in the closed position, and the applicator is basically exposed in the open position. International application pct/us2003/020711 2003.6.30 international publication wo2004/002855 UK 2004.1.8 date of entry into the country patent agency China Council for the promotion of international trade patent and Trademark Office agency address agent Dong min

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