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A thousand year old town that sleeps in the water, after being lucky to be connected with one of the greatest inventions of mankind in the 20th century, has dreamily written an era legend that makes the world amazing

President Xi went to Wuzhen to investigate, and the Administrative Committee for the protection and tourism development of Wuzhen ancient town mainly reported the situation of the ancient town

people clearly remember that on November 19, 2014, the first World Internet Conference, President Xi sent a congratulatory message to the conference in his busy schedule. The congratulatory message said that Internet has truly turned the world into a global village. China is actively promoting the construction of Internet and making the achievements of Internet development benefit 1.3 billion Chinese people

in Wuzhen today, there are small bridges, flowing water, pink walls and black tiles. Leaning on the building to listen to the old wind and rain, the tea room tells the past of Wu and Yue. Here, merchants gather, and the rich side; Here, there is the prosperity of the beautiful Jiangnan and the elegance of classical China. People who have been to Wuzhen are all amazed at the beautiful environment and ecology, the long history of Jiangnan Water Town Culture, and the benefits brought here by the Internet

this is the mantra of Zhejiang people about Wuzhen in early years, which means that as long as you feel the car bumps violently, it means you arrive at Wuzhen. It is compared to the poor road conditions in Wuzhen in those days. Indeed, Wuzhen was the last Township in Tongxiang to have access to roads. It was not until 1992 that the road connecting Wuzhen to Jiangsu Province was opened. At that time, the best job for Wuzhen people was to work in several state-owned factories in the town. Later, the factories closed down one after another, and the laid-off workers became the biggest burden for the local people

to get rid of the dilemma, Wuzhen must break the cocoon and become a butterfly and re plan the road of development

Secretary Xi reassured me. His earnest expectation made my once uneasy heart find the direction. Chen Xianghong said that Wuzhen had twists and turns with the idea of protecting and reusing historical blocks, and began to face great resistance. Some people think that the so-called historical heritage is backward and outdated, and the protection is meaningless. Some people believe that the development of tourism in the protection has changed the original flat cement road into a stone road, and the flat bridge into an arch bridge, which affects the travel and living, and many people resist it. I think the reason why the general secretary pays so much attention to the development of Wuzhen and emphasizes that the contradiction between economic development, ecological environment and cultural protection that Wuzhen faces must be solved well reflects his consistent thought in developing economy, protecting environment and cultural inheritance. It can be said that without the vision and good intentions of the general secretary, this ancient town would not have the vitality and vigor it has today. Lu Yuedong, Secretary of Tongxiang municipal Party committee where Wuzhen is located, said

the simple water town, high eaves, black window lattice, long bluestone Road, narrow streets, secluded water lanes, thin wupeng boats, this is Wuzhen. In Wuzhen, people not only swim in paintings, but also follow culture. Cultural Wuzhen awakens the fresh soul of the millennium old town

culture is the spiritual lifeline and creative source of a nation. Adhering to the direction of advanced culture, deeply promoting the reform of the cultural system, actively developing cultural undertakings and cultural industries, creating more excellent cultural products that advocate the spirit of harmony and embody the concept of harmony, and meeting the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the people were his expectations for this ancient town at that time. In July, 2005, the 8th plenary session of the 11th Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China made a decision to speed up the construction of a major cultural province, and clearly proposed the implementation of eight projects: civilized quality, cultural research, cultural boutiques, cultural protection, cultural position, cultural industry promotion, cultural communication, and cultural talents. p>

cultural industry and modern service industry are on the one hand, and the idea of developing tourism by protecting historical heritage is exactly the combination of the two. Taoyongchun, Secretary of Wuzhen town Party committee, said

the gold and silver awards are not as good as the praise of the people, and the gold and silver cups are not as good as the public praise. The party members and cadres in Zhejiang have lived up to the high expectations of Secretary Xi and have always managed Wuzhen along the line of his plan. From the protection of culture, to the excavation of culture, the restoration of culture, and the innovation of culture, the development drum of Wuzhen is getting denser and denser, and the highlights are flashing. In February, 2007, Wuzhen xizha, which integrates tourism, leisure vacation and business exhibition, was officially opened to the public. In just three years, it was successfully rated as a national 5A scenic spot. Wuzhen has also won the outstanding achievement award of China's (first batch) top ten historical and cultural towns and heritage protection in the Asia Pacific region

in 2013, Wuzhen Grand Theater was officially completed with an investment of 400million yuan, becoming the most distinctive cultural landmark in Wuzhen. Based on this, Wuzhen International Drama Festival has been held for three consecutive times, with 42 plays performed at home and abroad, attracting 750000 audiences at home and abroad, and performing the cultural renaissance of a millennium old town. At present, Wuzhen is moving at full speed towards the largest tourism town in China and a world-class small city with first-class customs

Wuzhen, my hometown, has a long history, long years and thousands of miles away, which has never stopped my homesickness. This is a passionate text written by Mao Dun, a literary giant. In many of his works, this millennium old town exudes the flavor of a paradise

similar to literary giants, some people use the word amazing to describe Wuzhen at present. Jing is not only surprised by the great changes in Wuzhen, but also amazed at the perfect integration of ancient tradition and modern fashion in Wuzhen. Yan is not a heavy color, but a deep memory of Wuzhen's distinctive and beautiful personality

we will never forget that during the first world interconnection conference, more than 1000 guests from nearly 100 countries and regions gathered in Wuzhen to discuss the cutting-edge development and leading technology of automobiles. Facing the cultural beauty of Wuzhen, some people marveled that there were such beautiful places in the world, and the Chinese government and people attached so much importance to the protection of historical, cultural and environmental protection! In order to appreciate the charming scenery of Wuzhen, some of them prefer to get up early, some take advantage of the meeting gap, and some stay late at night, walking on the Qingshi road of Wuzhen, wandering by the canals of the town, lingering on the stone arch bridge, or thinking, or sipping coffee and chatting, leisurely. After the meeting, representatives from more than a dozen countries did not want to leave immediately and applied for renewal. At that time, Ms. annebouverot, who was the president of the Global Association for mobile communication systems, not only applied for renewal of residence by herself, but also invited her family to Wuzhen to share the beauty of Wuzhen. At the second world Internet Conference this year, Ms. annebouverot went again, not only to discuss matters, but also for the charm of Wuzhen, which she dreamed of. It is understood that there are not a few people like her who have been to Wuzhen and never left

in just one year after the first World Internet Conference, the total bandwidth of broadband export in small Wuzhen has reached 220g, an increase of 10 times, allowing more than 50000 people to access 4G networks at the same time; Through the Internet hospital in Wuzhen, people can see doctors all over the country. In Wuzhen public bicycle service point, foreign tourists do not need to apply for a card. They can borrow a car directly by scanning the QR code; The proportion of college students studying abroad from Jiaxing, where Wuzhen is located, who return to their hometown for employment and entrepreneurship has reached about 60%. In the current situation of difficulty in attracting investment, there are new projects under discussion in Wuzhen almost every working day; Wuzhen intelligent elderly care integrated service platform takes Wuzhen home-based elderly care service and care center as the carrier, benefiting 15000 Wuzhen elderly people. It can not only provide centralized care and home-based services for the elderly, but also extend services to the elderly with the help of intelligent home care, SOS call fall and alarm positioning equipment in the elderly's home; 70% of the residents of Wuzhen are engaged in the service industry, 70% of the GDP comes from the service industry, and 70% of the service industry comes from tourism. Up to now, there are more than 3000 service industry units in Wuzhen, with more than 10000 employees

this is the charm that Internet brings to Wuzhen, and it is also the result of the joint efforts of cadres and masses at all levels in Zhejiang, Jiaxing, Tongxiang and Wuzhen.

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