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President of Siemens AG: "the the Belt and Road initiative has yielded fruitful results

Kaisa, President and CEO of Siemens AG

with the continuous deepening of the construction of the the Belt and Road, China will also give the extruder industry an endless driving force for development, and is moving towards the world and actively advocating international cooperation. Kaisa, President and CEO of Siemens AG, who made a special trip to China to participate in the the Belt and Road International Cooperation Summit Forum, said at the summit forum that the the Belt and Road initiative means great opportunities for China and the world, and has yielded fruitful results

but history has proved that this is not the case. Trade has helped thousands of Chinese people get rid of poverty and countless people around the world improve their lives. Throughout history, all countries that encouraged the free exchange of knowledge, goods and services prospered. If there is no free trade, how can we have today? And where will we go tomorrow? Only by opening the door to trade and working together can we jointly address global challenges such as climate change, migration, globalization and digitalization

he stressed that this is why our political and business leaders should strive to ensure that the market is not only free, but also fair and inclusive. So how can multinational companies like Siemens help achieve this goal? This requires us to create value for the local market in a way of negative challenge, high cost, responsible choice, mutual respect and sustainability. This means that by investing in local manufacturing, purchasing products and services from local suppliers so far, improving local innovation capabilities, and finally promoting the transformation and upgrading of local industries

Mr. Kaisa pointed out that the the Belt and Road initiative is a good example in this regard. Since the initiative was put forward in 2013, Chinese enterprises have established 56 economic and trade cooperation zones in more than 20 countries along the route. The cumulative investment, including nano scale precision machinery research results, molecular level modern chemistry research results, and genetic level biological research results, has exceeded $18.5 billion, adding $1.1 billion in taxes and 180000 employment opportunities to the host country. As of 2016, Chinese enterprises have signed about 4000 EPC contracts in 60 countries. However, Chinese EPC enterprises still face many problems, such as the need to meet international project management standards, comply with local laws and regulations, overcome language barriers and project financing

he stressed that Siemens has a worldwide business network and a unique business portfolio in the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization, and we can provide stronger support for Chinese EPC enterprises. Our local innovation in all parts of the world also provides innovation support for Chinese enterprises to expand business in countries along the the Belt and Road

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