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President weidmiller WanChen won the 2010 China Automation annual operation and management award

on January 18, 2011, the seventh China automation market seminar (2010 CAMRS) and the second China automation operation and management forum held by China industrial control were grandly held in Beijing. Mr. Wan Chen, President of weidmiller Greater China, won the 2010 operation and Management Award for the maximum inlet and outlet pressure difference of 30MPa degrees

Weidmuller has continued to maintain a double-digit sales growth rate in recent years, and its sales performance in the Chinese market has been expanding, ranking second in Weidmuller group. It is particularly commendable that Weidmuller has completed the transformation from a supplier of electrical connection products to a supplier of industrial application solutions, including compressive strength, tensile strength, shear strength and the mechanism strength principle of rock failure and cracking. Weidmuller has become an international leading solution supplier providing working conditions such as power supply, signal and data processing for electrical connection, transmission field and industrial environment. This fundamental change is undoubtedly based on the fact that Weidmuller has a full range of products and strong R & D and service capabilities

at the same time, Weidmuller has deepened the development of industrial applications, and has provided fruitful industrial application solutions in the traditional machinery, elevator, transmission and distribution, transportation, metallurgy, petrochemical industries, as well as the new energy fields represented by nuclear power, wind power, solar energy, photovoltaic, and has become a leading and preferred partner in the automation field. This is undoubtedly due to the excellent leadership of President WanChen and his keen insight into the Chinese market

this time, President Wan Chen won the 2010 annual operation and Management Award, which is another affirmation for him and weidmiller. Weidmiller will contribute his due strength to the development of China's automation industry

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