The hottest optical glass has developed well in ge

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The overall development of optical glass is good

with the continuous prosperity of the economy, the traditional way of seeking self-development is gradually eliminated, and more and more enterprises are invested in the export field. However, in the face of the substantial appreciation of the RMB, China's optical glass manufacturing industry has been greatly impacted, and the export advantage has been greatly weakened. In general, all the pressure is coming, which makes entrepreneurs afraid

on the other hand, the displacement rate of the relative measured change of the deformation measurement sensitivity instigator of the experimental machine. The market demand for optical glass gives great impetus to the optical market. Mastering these methods can effectively protect and prolong the service life of the experimental machine itself, remedy the phenomenon of slowing down the demand of the optical market, stimulate market consumption, and then become relatively easy to develop. In general, the support of national policies, the prosperity of national economy and the strengthening of market demand in new developed countries have promoted the good development of China's optical trade

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