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Optus uses Google cloud technology to realize artificial intelligence call center technology

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CTI Forum () January 25 news (compilation/old Qin): Optus has reached a three-year strategic partnership with Google cloud to enhance its contact center through CCAI solutions with the mediation and upgrading of people's economic tensions, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on

by providing personalized experience and building advanced customized solutions, this solution adds Optus' existing digital self-service tensile testing machine, which is a frequently used experimental instrument service tool. This tool has processed 84% of telecom companies' customer service queries

ccai will also simplify customer access support through Google cloud's enhanced natural language recognition technology, while providing faster processing and real-time access to customer insights

our customers have higher expectations for their experience in this digital age. Google cloud technology enables us to integrate digital and human or zero position often changing experience, which is a change for our customers, said Vaughan Paul, vice president of digital customers at Optus

all this is to be more proactive, make full use of data insight, truly understand our customers, and provide world-class services. So far, arkinnes, vice president of Google cloud ANZ, said: Optus is a revolutionary way to lead customer service in the digital age

by supporting Optus to use our AI and machine learning technology for the first time in the industry, we can create a super personalized and seamless experience, promote better customer participation, and make Optus different in the market

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