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Editor's note: the second power industry technology exchange training conference was held in Beijing to optimize the embedded R & D ecological chain

6 the company decided to continue to follow the path of environmental protection. On the afternoon of August 24, four companies, including Yanxiang Group Strategic Market Research Institute, American Fenghe company, Freescale China company and Fuchang electronics, met again to hold the second full help conference in Beijing. The theme of the conference was to optimize the embedded R & D ecological chain. Tan Wenshu, a consultant of the national power system management and information exchange standards technical committee, attended the meeting, More than 150 experts, scholars, new and old customers from the power industry attended the meeting

this new concept initiated and advocated by Yanxiang has won the high attention of the participants. All the guests felt that they had gained a lot. They gathered around the four booths for inquiry and exchange. As the best advocate of the theme of R & D ecological chain ----- Yanxiang Group Strategic Market Research Institute, has been committed to the development and research of power, environmental protection, railway, finance and other industries for many years, and has always played a leading role in the composition of the ecological chain, It carries out a good strategic alliance between upstream and downstream manufacturers in the power industry, making the four parties work together to build a most professional and latest intelligent product ecological chain, giving full play to the platform manufacturers' sensitivity to changes in customer demand information, greatly accelerating the response speed of each link in the ecological chain to the needs of end users, thus playing a role in optimizing the R & D ecological chain

in the work of optimizing the ecological chain, as long as the spring is put into the test disk, Yanxiang has established a close cooperative relationship with component manufacturers, software manufacturers and middleware manufacturers. Based on the understanding of customer applications, Yanxiang, with years of experience, selects excellent manufacturers at all levels and cooperates with us to form a strong alliance system, provide solutions to customers together, and quickly respond to customer needs. Through our strategic cooperation, we have formulated various solutions and launched the pilot project of insurance compensation for the first batch of key new materials for customers to choose from. Customers no longer have to face many ecological links. With the change of this industry, the concept of optimizing the ecological chain will be further improved to provide customers with more valuable soaking copper services. The meeting kicked off in the form of interviews. Representatives from the four parties gathered together to discuss the topic of optimizing the ecological chain in depth. The final question session attracted the active participation of many customers

the lucky draw was interspersed during the meeting, which excited the guests. More than 10 lucky friends won prizes of 22 inch LCD, Siemens machine, Electrolux breakfast bar and other grades carefully prepared by us

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