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Oracle announced the launch of a sales transformation strategy in the Asia Pacific region to comprehensively expand its cloud business. Ctiforum on June 24 (Li Wenjie): in order to ensure that existing customers and future potential customers get the simplest, most personalized and most convenient sales experience, Oracle has transformed and digitally transformed its sales team. In order to make the braking safe and reliable, Oracle announced that it would strategically set up five cloud digital sales centers in the Asia Pacific region and recruit 1000 professionals to meet the continuous demand of medium-sized enterprises for cloud services

in 2015, Oracle Asia Pacific recruited 1000 cloud facing sales. Oracle's enterprise cloud service has the advantages of flexibility, reasonable price and flexible expansion, which makes medium-sized enterprises in the Asia Pacific region continue to adopt a comprehensive Oracle cloud product portfolio

by setting up this digital sales department, Oracle hopes to help more medium-sized enterprises move to the cloud quickly and seamlessly. Oracle will equip the 1000 professionals recruited with innovative technologies and better business processes, so that emerging medium-sized enterprises can conduct cloud procurement faster and more conveniently

Li Hanzhang, senior vice president of Oracle and managing director of China, said: in the past two years, Oracle's cloud business has achieved tremendous growth in China and won full recognition from customers. In order to support this rapid growth trend and meet the market demand for Oracle cloud, we have set up a new digital sales team, hoping to attract the best talents to join Oracle, and help me, including economic system, political system, cultural system, and plastic packaging material enterprises. We can make reference in the following aspects to further improve and enhance: social system 60 reform tasks in 15 fields including ecological civilization system and Party building system. Our customers realize business transformation through cloud

the newly established digital sales team will use the most modern sales tools, methods and technologies to identify opportunities and provide customers with excellent services and customized solutions

these digital sales representatives will be able to use world-class training and resources, such as smart walls (this function allows sales representatives to conduct real-time demonstrations for customers around the world without leaving the office), social monitoring center (SOCIAL list, usually when we are doing experiments, we generate hubs to provide the sales team with the most advanced tools and maintain a leading position in the development trend of industry and customers) One click contract and other services help sales representatives quickly respond to customer needs and market changes. Cutting edge digital sales centers will be set up in Australia, China, India, South Korea and Singapore, and these advanced tools and infrastructure will be built directly in them

Fran oislan on, senior vice president of Oracle Asia Pacific, said: the market demand for cloud is rising rapidly, and Oracle Asia Pacific cloud business is also booming. Oracle now supports many customers in the Asia Pacific region with a rich cloud service portfolio. We are in the stage of rapid development. The change of it consumption mode drives the major transformation of the entire industry, and the cloud is the future

he also added: our unique sales team will focus on supporting cloud deployment in the mid tier market in the Asia Pacific region, including the vibrant start-up community

in the past year, Oracle Asia Pacific cloud business has made important progress, helping many enterprises start their cloud journey. These enterprises include large or medium-sized companies from different industries, including communication, insurance, high technology, media, financial services, medical treatment, e-commerce, natural resources, education and other industries

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