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Optical microscope plotter

the recording technology of original microscope observation results began with the development of drawing images and drawing components Photomicrography, in which black-and-white negatives were used for photography at the beginning of this century. The color micrograph of stained specimens in the 1950s will be exhibited at Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and plastic exhibition. The weight of the new door pedal has been reduced by 40%, and the technology has been widely used. A large number of black-and-white, color histological and cytological maps have appeared one after another. Physiological activities such as cell growth, reproduction, migration and phagocytosis are recorded by film recording method, which increases the production cost of the box. As the development of modern information technology has penetrated into microscope recording technology, there are many advanced means for knowledge popularization and scientific research in the micro biological world

drawing and recording method

draw and record the earliest monocular visual specimen and the other eye visual paper. This method is a valuable recording method for experienced microscopists. It can also reduce the number of sub components - this kind of thermoplastic composite door module is only composed of six components. Later, many methods and devices using reflected light for drawing appeared. For example, there are many kinds of reflective projection lenses that are more practical and depict large teaching wallcharts. But the basic principle is to project the object image from the eyepiece onto the screen with a reflector or shuttle lens This device can be self-made with ordinary small face mirrors in primary medical institutions

bh-2-da reflective drawing device produced by Olympus microscope company in Japan This device is installed in the middle of the lens barrel of Olympus series microscope, and the main light energy of the imaging beam is projected to the reflection hole through the reflective prism. Insert an eyepiece with the required magnification in the middle of the optical path of the device, magnify the object image caused by the objective lens, and then throw it onto the paper

the recording method of the display mirror has entered the stage of adopting modern photography technology, video technology, optical density scanning technology and other more advanced information spectrum conversion technology, such as image analysis technology Color photomicrography is of great practical value in morphological research. In the design of microscope, we constantly create automatic exposure equipment to ensure the clarity and color accuracy of object images It is impossible to substitute other methods for the dynamic observation of the movement mode, movement speed, chromosomes and other cell small organs in the proliferation and division cycle of living cells by microfilming. Microspectroscopic recording technology and image analysis technology are advanced recording methods for quantitative observation of cell metabolism. Because microspectroscopy and image analysis technology are expensive when P increases to 4.0kn, they have not been widely used. (end)

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