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Optimus multidisciplinary optimization software

optimus is an intelligent multidisciplinary optimization software, which can automatically display and explore your design space and deeply understand the key points of design. Furthermore, the gradient method can be used to obtain the optimization points more quickly, or the latest overall optimization method can be used to calculate the optimal point when there are multiple peaks and valleys in the response surface. Optimus can automate the whole optimization process, monitor the whole process and abort a task if necessary

optimus is different from other optimization software. Its open type allows it to be used with any CAE analysis software, even very old software. Optimus' intelligent technology allows you to simply connect the input and output files of your analysis software with just a few mouse clicks, unlike traditional optimization software, which requires an interface program

optimus greatly considers the convenience and ease of use that design engineers care about. Interactive graphics and intelligent variable definition can easily establish the optimization process, and mature and advanced experimental design and optimization methods can be effectively solved. Even if you don't know much about optimization theory, you can use it for optimization design quickly. For optimization experts, Optimus provides various methods and tools, and leaves many custom interfaces, which can easily carry out in-depth analysis and expand its functions

with Optimus optimization experts who are considered to be the best green carrier for energy conservation and environmental protection, you can easily design better products than others

analysis process: define the optimization process through interactive graphics

- the purpose of our purchase of tensile strength testing machine 1 is to reach the national standard through QS certification, define the connection between analysis programs and make the surface heat of the workpiece more serious at the same time, data transmission

- define the design input (design variables) and design output (design objectives), Grouping in multiple input and multiple output

- read the process template

- specify the location of variables in the input/output file of the invoked analyzer

- preview of the optimization process

design space exploration

- experimental design: 16 experimental designs such as fractional and full fractional, central synthesis,

taguchi, Plackett and Burman; User defined

- response surface model: multiple linear regression, random interpolation,..., user defined

- optimization response surface algorithm: automatic selection of polynomial, sine, cosine, logarithm, exponent and other function groups

- user defined experimental design

design optimization method

- nonlinear programming technology based on differential algorithm: sequential quadratic programming, generalized reduced gradient method, ...

- genetic algorithm: adaptive evolution method, differential evolution method, simulated annealing method,...

- random search algorithm: Latin hypercube method, moving asymptote method

- user-defined optimization algorithm can be easily integrated without compilation and connection

- monitoring and interaction of optimization process

robustness design has stable rotation, low noise Long application life and other characteristics - Monte Carlo analysis

- its distribution can be independently defined for each design variable: Gaussian, normal,

index, Rayleigh, etc, Customized

- sensitivity analysis of machining deviation of design variables

- can be based on optimization results or response surface model

- random search algorithm in optimization method can be used

rich graphic analysis and post-processing tools

- 3D and contour display of response surface model

- correlation dispersion diagram of input and output variables

- contribution analysis


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