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Oracle builds the best cloud platform for enterprises with extreme performance and low cost

ctiforum news on August 19 (Li Wenjie): the development of cloud technology is helping enterprises see some of the original it drawbacks: the waste of CPU computing resources is becoming increasingly prominent, the consumption of energy environment exceeds expectations, and the cost is too cumbersome compared with cloud computing. A data from Oracle Data Center shows that the operation and maintenance cost of enterprise it accounts for 70% of the total it expenditure cost, while the procurement cost accounts for only 30%

such a gap is changing the traditional computing methods, and it also puts forward stringent requirements for cloud service providers in the industry. How to help enterprises easily build or migrate reliable cloud platforms has become an urgent problem for major manufacturers. As the world's leading cloud service provider, Oracle has put forward the concept of using software and hardware integration to promote the cloud platform, constantly combining its hardware products and software products, and developing tools and deployment methods suitable for modern cloud to help customers reduce costs, simplify deployment and management, improve investment protection and reduce risks

since the launch of the new IAAs (infrastructure as a service) for the public cloud in 2012, which integrates software and servers, networks and storage, Oracle has further expanded and deepened the scope of its cloud products and services, taking into account public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, and realized the cloud strategy of full coverage of SaaS (software as a service), PAAS (platform as a service) and IAAs. Oracle has also become the only provider in the world that can provide three kinds of cloud services

as a key component of building a cloud platform, Oracle hardware system has many leading advantages, including greatly improving enterprise application performance, simplifying or even eliminating it complexity through integration and management across all stacks, ensuring that new service deployment and resource configuration are more convenient and fast, and significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs by reducing power consumption, cooling and room space. In order to give better play to the performance of hardware, the perfect integration of hardware and software 4, belt and tension parts is also the direction of Oracle's continuous development in recent years. Through research and insight into market trends and technologies, Oracle summarized the integration direction of software and hardware in the following five ways:

highly integrated integrated system

in order to help global customers reduce the cost of IT infrastructure and simplify the complexity of its management, Oracle launched a pre integrated system to provide extreme performance for enterprises and it departments. From the system integration of government agencies and departments in North America with a 12 times integration rate to the integrated system that helps the world's leading financial institutions increase the growth rate of business value by five times, Oracle's integrated system has accumulated more than 1000 successful practices in the production environment around the world. At the same time, Oracle also provides Oracle exadata database cloud server and Oracle exalogic middleware cloud server. These two products integrate the best in class software and hardware systems, which can fully meet the needs of customers for various configurations

Sample breakpoints are good

software chip

another innovation of Oracle is software chip. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has always regarded simplifying customer it as Oracle's development mission. In order to further implement this vision, Larry Ellison and his team have invested a lot of energy to implant some functions of the database into the chip, and then integrate hardware technology with it. SPARC processor is designed to meet this demand. From T3 to the recent M6, in just three years after the acquisition of sun, Oracle has launched several generations of SPARC chips and corresponding hardware server products, and has carried out a lot of optimization in the design of software and instructions. Its design concept is to integrate software and hardware, and put it in the chip to achieve, and use the best hardware and software to achieve the customer's business goals. In terms of technical specifications, SPARC is not the highest, but by comprehensively considering hardware, applications, databases, middleware and other elements, and optimizing hardware design for Java, Oracle database and other software, SPARC can provide better performance and higher cost performance than its competitors

Oracle believes that flash memory acceleration can help customers make faster decisions. Different from the traditional definition of memory, Oracle applies memory computing technology to the whole stack link, and both hardware and software can achieve better performance through a comprehensive internal acceleration method. For example, in Oracle exadata X4 all-in-one machine, Oracle adopts LSI's latest nytro DLC flash memory technology. The flash memory accelerator card has been selected by Oracle as PCIe flash memory acceleration technology. In addition, Oracle makes full use of the advantages of nytro DLC technology to expand the storage capacity of logical flash memory based on the physical flash memory capacity of exadata system. This unique software feature can dynamically expand the flash memory capacity of the exadata X4 system without changing the physical hardware and power requirements, thereby further reducing the total cost of ownership. At present, Oracle has begun to develop a new X5 series, which further accelerates the memory speed on the existing basis, and adds functions such as automatic patch and automatic update, which greatly increases the reliability of the all-in-one machine

create a common internal and external deployment cloud

when cloud computing is increasingly used in enterprise business, what form of cloud platform to adopt has also become the content that enterprises need to consider. Depending on the business objectives and business volume, enterprises may adopt internal deployment cloud (private cloud), external deployment cloud (public cloud), or both. At present, most enterprises in the market adopt the hybrid cloud strategy: put some core data and business functions in the traditional computer room system, and more functions will be migrated to the cloud. With the help of the most comprehensive product line in the industry, Oracle can complete the construction of 1billion square meters of new green buildings in China; By the end of 2015, on the basis of not separating traditional it and cloud, provide unified and reliable support for enterprises' migration on various cloud platforms

infrastructure lifecycle management

Oracle focuses on improving performance at the same time. Non proprietary memory and non proprietary technology ensure that it realizes an efficient system. In recent years, Oracle has used a non-linear system, with the help of better technology to provide customers with higher cost performance, simplify the technical architecture and virtualization. Oracle Solaris 11.2, which was recently released, is based on such a concept. Compared with the previous version, it has simpler and faster lifecycle management functions. For example, compared with red hat, customers can improve manager productivity 16 times through Oracle Solaris. At the same time, this cloud platform also integrates virtualization, SDN technology and deep integration with openstack to help enterprises achieve the most reliable, high-performance, efficient and secure it services, and accelerate the time to market of new deployments

according to Fowler, John graphene, executive vice president of Oracle systems division, has many excellent characteristics. Oracle hardware system can help enterprises simplify it infrastructure and greatly improve operation efficiency. Using the integrated design of software and hardware, the software performance running on Oracle hardware will be greatly improved. Through the continuous introduction of Oracle hardware system upgrade products, Oracle will continue to fulfill its commitment to continuous innovation for customers and partners, and provide them with the simplest cloud services using the world's leading technology

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