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Opto22snapshot in meridian medical technology application

meridian medical technology company in St. Louis, Mississippi has been monitoring computer networks, servers and other information technology (it) equipment in its equipment with unicentertng enterprise management software of Computer Associates (CA). At the Unicenter user conference in October 1999, Meridian's IT director, Stan Hammond, heard about a new technology to monitor non it equipment, production equipment, environmental systems and other mechanical and power electronic equipment through Unicenter TNG

this new technology seems to improve the long-term process of Meridian's production equipment in St. Louis, Mississippi, which used to rely on printed records to monitor the purity of water. These records come from inaccessible areas, where people work during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.). Meridian medical technologies manufactures drug delivery systems and cardiopulmonary disease diagnostic equipment. Meridian's drug delivery system includes automatic syringes, which are mainly used in military and national defense for self injection of nerve antidotes against the effects of chemical agents

some patients who have strong allergic reactions to bee stings, insect bites, food and drugs or have inhalation exercise-induced allergic reactions can also use Epipen automatic syringes to alleviate the danger

in order to ensure the purity, the water used in the drug production process must meet strict requirements, including the requirement for organic purity (TOC). The highly specialized instrument of TOC analysis ceremony can continuously monitor the quality of water to ensure that it will not exceed the set standards

however, the reporting process of monitoring instruments is manual. The analyzer connected to the line printer will print the latest water quality analysis report every few minutes. Technicians will walk around and regularly check these printed reports to see if they are within the set standards. If they are beyond the range, they will take corresponding measures. This artificial process lags a lot of time to respond to unqualified water quality conditions. In addition, the data of the printer must also be manually input into the database of the computer for record keeping

about meridian medical technology company

meridian medical technology company is a major pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical systems company, serving for early intervention in emergencies and the health care market. The company has been in the leading position in the world in the development and sales of automatic injection drug delivery system, and has international patented technology in non-invasive cardiopulmonary function diagnosis. Meridian's drug delivery group introduced in this article (DR this work studied the influence of heating temperature and holding time on the decarburization of spring steel sup6 for coil springs during the heating process of steel billets). UG delivery group produces life-saving Epipen automatic syringes. It is the only supplier of automatic syringes that provide neuroantidotes to the U.S. government and other NATO allies, local and state governments, DDG also manages a large number of commercial drug delivery systems

if Unicenter TNG management system can be used to automatically run this process, automatically record data, automatically store it in the database, and notify the operator of possible problems as early as possible, the whole process will become much simpler. As an enterprising company, meridian is looking for a more cost-effective way to input data into the current control system. But until now, connecting non it devices such as TOC analyzer to the network is still a time-consuming and expensive work. New technologies should be able to solve such problems because the current domestic market is less active than the international market

it can completely meet the solution of using

non IT equipment

in unicen compression shear testing machine, it is mainly used for shear elastic modulus, friction coefficient and allowable rotation experiments, and has the following characteristics Oil cylinder type, 4-column structure, high rigidity, low strength and small deformation of the frame, which meets the experimental requirements of highway and railway bridge slabs, tanks and ball bearings. The experimental space is stepless and adjustable, which is convenient for the experimental requirements of different heights At present, there are many kinds of pressure shear experimental machines on the market. With the help of TNG, new technology can quickly and easily solve this problem. Using OPTO22 snap-ittm can complete this project in only a few weeks, and input the data from TOC analysis into the existing Unicenter TNG management system

the serial port of each TOC analyzer is connected to OPTO22 snap-it equipment, and is still connected to the printer. Snap-it equipment receives real-world analog, digital and serial data, and these data can be identified and applied in the form of snap information on 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. Snap-it equipment is then connected to the local area of the company and can be found automatically through the Unicenter TNG console

once the data can be used locally, the integrator PCs can create a client preprocessor to record the analysis data of the device and save it to Microsoft's SQL Server database. The database can provide real-time data and data trend of all organic analyzers of meridian at any time

the monitoring report of water quality is no longer a manual process that requires technicians to check the data recording paper. Automatic process can completely replace this manual process. When the water quality exceeds the standard, Unicenter will send e-mail to notify the staff immediately. "OPTO22 and PCs provide a direct solution to the data collected by 247 different non it devices, and integrate these data into a database and our Unicenter TNG management system," said stanhammond of meridian, "Managing key production equipment with Unicenter TNG enables meridian medical technologies to apply a solution to a wide range of corporate alerts. By combining several possible alerts and providing a powerful solution to the system, we can save a lot of money."

with the success of the automatic water quality monitoring system, meridian has extended Unicenter TNG to other non IT systems. Due to the emergence of the snap-it equipment of Opto 22, meridian can monitor the security system, time and maintenance system of the equipment and establish an environmental system. "By using the snap-it technology of OPTO22 company, now the separated non it equipment has been integrated into Unicenter TNG

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