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Oracle's cloud business performance in the second quarter was eye-catching, SaaS momentum was strong

Oracle's second fiscal quarter performance was eye-catching, with performance and revenue higher than expected, and cloud business also exceeded expectations. The company announced that its net income in the second quarter was $2.2 billion, equivalent to 52 cents per share, and its revenue was $9.6 billion, an increase of 6% year-on-year. Non GAAP earnings for the quarter were 70 cents per share

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Wall Street expects a second quarter earnings per share of 68 cents, revenue of 9.57 billion U.S. dollars. Analysts are paying close attention to cloud booking before the financial report is released. The acquisition of netsuite passed on November 7 last year, when the power line was disconnected, has been one year old, which makes it more difficult for software as a service (SaaS) to grow in the next few quarters

Patrick walravens, an analyst at JMP securities, said that investors expect cloud bookings to grow by more than 40% and revenue to grow between 40% and 45%. Analysts are also interested in data points, which show that Oracle is effectively competing with Amazon Web services (AWS), Google and Microsoft in infrastructure as a service

Oracle's total cloud business revenue was $1.5 billion, an increase of 44% over the same period last year. Among them, the sales of $1.1 billion came from software as a service, and the platform and infrastructure as a service was $396 million, an increase of 21% year-on-year

the revenue of cloud and local software in this quarter was $7.8 billion

oracle said that its cloud business is developing a good momentum, and CEO safra Catz expects the business to perform well. Co CEO Mark Hurd also said that the sales of fusion ERP and fusion HCM SaaS suite increased by 65% in the quarter. At the meeting with analysts, Hurd also emphasized the database market share

at the same time, Hurd said that oracle was maintaining its database share and launched some attacks in the competition. Hurd said:

let me tell you who hasn't left oracle. A company you heard of gave us another $50million last quarter. This company is Amazon. They did not leave oracle. Salesforce did not leave oracle. Our competitors who don't like us very much (and they have no reason to like us) continue to invest and run their entire business on Oracle. I don't know who left oracle. Maybe mark knows, maybe safra knows. But Amazon, you think Amazon really wants to leave. Let me tell you about another company that hasn't left Oracle: SAP. They have a database called Hana. They want to migrate successfactors. They have been trying to leave Oracle for fiveorsix years in order to make plastic materials and their products safe and reliable. All SAP's major customers run on Oracle. Amazon continues to buy Oracle technology to run their business. Salesforce runs entirely on Oracle. Come on, tell me who else wants to leave oracle

looking ahead, Oracle and analysts focusing on the company expect that the autonomous database described at Oracle OpenWorld will promote the development of the company

in terms of Oracle's independent database, Larry Ellison, chief technology officer, said that it would be released in January. He said:

we expect this new technology will greatly promote the growth of PAAS and SaaS businesses, and keep our database authorization business strong. People are buying database licenses to run locally and in the cloud. You can run them in a variety of environments, whether local or in the cloud

as for the outlook, Catz said that revenue growth in the third quarter would be between 2% and 4%, and non GAAP earnings per share would be between 68 cents and 70 cents in constant currency terms. Considering currency fluctuations, Oracle expects earnings per share of 71 cents to 73 cents, in line with Wall Street expectations

catz said that the total revenue of cloud business in the third quarter is expected to increase by 21% to 25% without using the lead wire to replace the lead to discharge the capacitor in case of short circuit

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