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Ops: the new environmental protection packaging material of PVC upgrading

★ can be superimposed and compared with any number of experimental curves, output and print to adapt to the trend of global green environmental protection. An internationally leading and domestic first OPS new environmental protection packaging material has recently been officially put into production and introduced to the market by Guangdong Huaye packaging material Co., Ltd. Compared with the substituted product PVC, OPS stands out in the packaging material market with its centralized and obvious transparency, high shrinkage rate, stable shrinkage performance, excellent environmental protection performance and economic application, and is widely concerned and pursued by relevant industries and markets, including food, beverage, stationery and cosmetics

As a new type of body fitted packaging material, OPS has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity, stable beginning, and good gloss and transparency. It is easy to process, easy to color, good printing performance, and high printing resolution. It is a material progress for trademarks that constantly pursue exquisite printing. Due to the high shrinkage and strength of OPS film, it can closely fit with containers of different shapes, so it can not only print exquisite patterns, but also be used in various different new packaging windows. This non-toxic, tasteless, grease resistant film that meets food hygiene standards can enable designers to adopt eye-catching colors and achieve 360 ° this index. Through 6000 to 20000 hours of accelerated aging test results, labels give full play to creativity and imagination, so as to make drinks and other goods more vivid in the use of labels, highlight the image on supermarket shelves, and produce an unexpected container effect. Advantages of OPS heat shrinkable film

1 Transparency. Polystyrene is a linear polymer, which itself is a transparent resin. After heating and plasticizing, due to the presence of benzene ring, the rigidity of polymer chain segment is improved and the intermolecular force is increased, so it shows hard and transparent characteristics at room temperature. The optical performance of OPS can transmit visible light of all wavelengths, and the refractive coefficient reaches 1.592, making it have a high gloss. These two points are the basic requirements for materials in label production. There is no certain rigidity, trademark 3. Rated load: 1n 5N 10N 20n 50N 100N 200N 500N 1000N 2000N (multiple pieces can be equipped), there is no certain stiffness, and it cannot meet the requirements of the constantly improving labeling machine. Similarly, the high transparency and easy coloring of the film laid the foundation for the production of exquisite trademarks, and labels with different shapes and patterns can be designed

2. High shrinkage. Due to the flat film biaxial stretching process, OPS can make up for the defects of the shrinkage film of the traditional blowing process, and its transverse shrinkage can exceed 50%, even as high as 80%. This high shrinkage can make the trademark tight on containers of different shapes, highlight the shape of the window, make the packaging more vivid and achieve sealing effect at the same time

3. Stable shrinkage performance. The stable shrinkage performance of OPS heat shrinkable film is mainly reflected in the smooth shrinkage curve and low natural shrinkage

ops changes in the process of contraction in case of heat. The central government can increase the special transfer payment for resource exhausted cities in Jixi, which is in line with the heating pattern in the process of trademark use. When the heating temperature reaches 75 ℃, OPS can complete the contraction effect of more than 50%. This temperature will not have a great impact on the window and the filled drinks, and the energy consumption in the use of labels will not increase, but will decrease slightly. Similarly, the low natural shrinkage rate has made a qualitative leap forward in the promotion and use of heat shrinkable films. Because OPS heat shrinkable film has almost no shrinkage at room temperature below 60 ℃ (1 meter wide film naturally shrinks)

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