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The world chemical sales ranking list came out

the world chemical sales ranking list came out

November 4, 2014

[China paint information] the US chemical weekly recently published the latest ranking of the 2014 World Chemical 1billion Dollar Club, based on the 2013 chemical business sales of the shortlisted enterprises. European and American enterprises still dominate the list. The operating income of the chemical enterprises shortlisted in the list generally increased, with an average growth rate of 6%, higher than the 4.5% of the previous year

BASF ranked first again

in the latest ranking, BASF again topped the list with a chemical sales revenue of US $81.49 billion, which has shown that it is the eighth consecutive year; Sinopec continued to rank second with USD 72.284 billion (chemical sales revenue, the same below); SABIC rose to the third place this year from the fifth place last year with us $60.681 billion; ExxonMobil ranked fourth with us $59.273 billion, down one place from last year's ranking; Dow Chemical ranked fifth with us $5780 billion, down one place from last year; Shell ranked sixth with us $55.673 billion; LyondellBasell ranked seventh with USD 37.778 billion; DuPont ranked eighth with a revenue of US $35.734 billion; Ineos ranked ninth with a revenue of US $28.279 billion; Bayer ranked 10th with a revenue of US $27.375 billion, up 8 places from the previous year

eight new faces appeared

eight new faces appeared in this year's ranking. Among them, South Korea LG Chemical ranked 16th with us $21.837 billion, Germany styroulution ranked 55th with us $7.984 billion, China Sinochem ranked 57th with us $7.733 billion, Mexico alpek ranked 61st with us $7.028 billion, and China Hengyi Petrochemical ranked 86th with us $5.029 billion, Kemira of Finland ranked 106th with USD 3.068 billion, Qatar industries ranked 107th with USD 3.066 billion, and mesenis of the United States ranked 109th with USD 3.024 billion

in this year's ranking list, the largest drop in ranking is the Japanese Teijin company, with its operating revenue falling to US $3.265 billion, ranking No. 105 this year from No. 56 in the previous year; The second largest drop was the U.S. metu specialty chemicals company, which fell to 87th place from 59th place last year. Showa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan rose the fastest, rising from 99th to 54th place last year; In addition, sipur company of Russia rose to 53rd place from 90th place last year

the performance of American enterprises is outstanding

the performance of American chemical enterprises is better. Among the 110 enterprises shortlisted this year, the United States occupies 32 seats, although it is equipped with some product descriptions. In addition, two Canadian chemical enterprises and three Mexican mechanical and hydraulic general low-frequency enterprises were shortlisted. A total of 37 enterprises in North America were listed. Another good performance of American enterprises is that there are 14 Chinese and American enterprises in the top 50

ACC said: "Despite the weakness of major export markets and the reduction of government expenditure during the shutdown period of the federal government, the U.S. chemical industry continued to grow in 2013. In the United States, the strong growth of the two major chemical manufacturers' markets, automobile and housing, has driven the moderate growth of the U.S. economy. After a decade of weak competitiveness, the U.S. chemical industry has become a sunrise industry again, and the trade balance of the chemical industry has turned from deficit to surplus."

Europe begins to resume growth

according to the European Chemical Industry Association (Cefic), although Europe is still experiencing weakness, it is slowly recovering from the recession. In this year's list, European companies occupy 33 seats, 8 more than last year. Moreover, the sales revenue of major chemical enterprises in Europe far exceeds that of major chemical enterprises in the United States. In 2013, the average sales revenue of the top ten chemical enterprises in Europe was close to US $33billion, while the average sales revenue of the top ten chemical enterprises in the United States was about US $24billion

cefic said in the chemical trend report released in March this year that the output of the European chemical industry in 2013 was stagnant, a decrease of 6.4% compared with the peak level in 2007 before the financial crisis. The strong performance in the second half of 2013 helped the European chemical industry out of recession, but the output of petrochemical products continued to decline and the output of polymers increased

Asian chemical industry faces challenges

Asian chemical industry is facing challenges brought by China's economic slowdown. At the same time, Asian chemical producers are also feeling the pressure from their competitors - the producers in the Middle East and North America who are enjoying the advantage of raw material cost. Therefore, Asian chemical enterprises must quickly adapt to the challenges of the shale gas revolution in the United States and the weak profitability of naphtha based petrochemical production, seek new development opportunities, and seek vitality in the highly competitive global market environment

in order to cope with the competition, Chinese chemical enterprises are expanding the coal chemical production capacity, so as to fully ensure that the experimental machine will not be overloaded and overused, which will destroy the advantage of using this low-cost raw material

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