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Rong Lianyun contact center, together with EF, leads the intelligent transformation of customer service

after vigorous development, the education market has entered a preliminary stage of maturity, with gradually reduced market dividends and fewer entry points for enterprises. At this time, the resource integration, technological innovation and service upgrading of enterprises are particularly important. EF education, as a private English education institution in the world, has been distributed in more than 50 countries around the world with more than 40000 employees. With the continuous expansion of EF education market, the traditional customer service system is facing more and more problems and pressures. How to respond to customers quickly and how to improve the efficiency of customer service have become another problem for EF. As an intelligent cloud service expert who has been deeply involved in the communication field for more than ten years, Rong Lian has created a complete set of Intelligent Cloud contact center system for EF education to help EF customer service intelligent change

big data analysis, insight into user needs

in the information age, data analysis plays an increasingly important role in order conversion. EF education customer service needs to spend a lot of time collecting and sorting out user information, selecting effective clues and handing them to business personnel for follow-up. The user information brought by Internet advertising increases exponentially, which further aggravates the complexity of the original information processing, leading to the reduction of the processing efficiency of customer service personnel, and then affecting the follow-up of follow-up work. How to quickly extract high-quality and effective clues from the huge and complex information of households with low waste quality in China has become the biggest problem of EF education

after in-depth analysis of EF's problems, Rong Lian recommended its cloud contact center system specifically for the education industry to EF, which can not only improve productivity. After using the system, the robot will actively initiate a conversation with the user, and the user will consult and answer relevant questions through the guidance of the robot. In this process, the cloud contact center system will automatically classify and label customers according to the user's answers, and automatically generate multidimensional reports based on the dialogue information using big data analysis, so that customer service personnel can quickly analyze and obtain effective sales leads, Provide it to business personnel for further tracking. While helping customer service personnel improve efficiency, they can quickly gain insight into users' needs

intelligent active contact can effectively reduce the cost of getting customers

the traditional customer service mode in the education industry leaves information for user access stations and manual customer service after communication. Business personnel use the left information to promote business to customers by means of return visits, so as to promote the conversion of users' orders. In the traditional process, the personnel cost and communication cost take up a huge amount, and the final low conversion rate also makes the station's customer acquisition cost remain high

after EF education accesses the Ronglian cloud contact center system, the system will conduct multi-dimensional information statistics on visitors after the users attracted by advertisements visit the website home page, covering important information such as geographical location and browsing time nodes, so as to help business personnel preliminarily screen the clues of getting customers. At the same time, after interested customers leave relevant information at the station, the system can further help business personnel improve the quality of clues through big data comparison. After being screened and processed by the cloud contact center system, the sales leads are tracked by business personnel, which greatly saves the time of business personnel, improves the efficiency of business personnel and the conversion rate of user orders, and further helps EF reduce the cost of customer acquisition

in the future, while serving EF education well, ronglianyun contact center will use its own advantages to empower other education enterprises, accelerate the transformation of the education industry contact center to intelligent and efficient, help enterprises reduce costs, promote the benign development of the education industry, and contribute to the improvement of service quality and efficiency of the oxygen index industry before the commencement of education projects

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