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Linhai treasure seeking road - greater Hinggan Mountains seeking a breakthrough in prospecting

the Hinggan Mountains area is located in the northern border of the motherland, adjacent to the lesser Hinggan Mountains in the East, Hulunbuir city in the west, Songnen Plain in the south, and the Russian Federation across the river in the North. The mountain is 300-700 meters above sea level, cold in winter and warm in summer, with a large temperature difference between day and night. The annual average temperature is -2.8 ℃, the minimum temperature is -52.3 ℃, and the frost free period is days. The annual average precipitation is 746 mm, belonging to the continental monsoon climate of the cold temperate zone. With a total area of 84600 square kilometers and a population of 550000, the region has jurisdiction over three counties, four districts and ten forestry bureaus. The greater Hinggan Mountains prefectural Party committee, the administrative office and the forestry group company are located in Jiagedachi, Inner Mongolia

"every ridge is so gentle. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the ridge, there are precious trees. No one is alone and domineering. Everywhere he can see, it is green." Mr. Lao she sighed in the forest sea, "there are thousands of treasures on Xing'an Mountain"

in Lao She's eyes, Daxinganling is a huge green treasure mine. In fact, there are rich mineral resources under it. In 2007, the Ministry of land and resources of the State Council listed the greater Hinggan Mountains region as one of the three major mineral resources exploration and development zones in the country and also recognized by foreign enterprises. It is also one of the three pilot areas for unified deployment of ore prospecting determined by the strategic action of ore prospecting breakthrough

how to find treasure in the vast forest? Will the development of underground treasure destroy the green treasure mine? Recently, with the delegation of the Ministry of land and resources "prospecting breakthrough in action", they came to the greater Hinggan Mountains to explore

after a 7-hour drive from Mohe County, we came to Baoxinggou mining area where the third detachment of the first Armed Police Gold Corps was working

"boom..." in the silent mountains, the roar of the drill can be heard from a distance. "Now 302 machines are under construction, and the design hole depth is 620 meters..." Lu chuanlei, the leader of the drilling team, is like most geological team members, with a dark face. The great Khingan mountains at the end of July was no longer hot, and his forehead was still sweating

he told us that this well was started the day before our arrival. If everything goes well, it will take another half a month to complete

from April to now, Lu chuanlei and his colleagues have been working in three shifts. "The special climatic conditions make the operation time in Daxing'an Mountains only three or four months a year, so we have to rush." He said

"we have submitted a total of 20 tons of cumulative proved reserves. This is the scale of a large gold mine." Zhou Qilin, the leader of the third detachment, said

in 2002, the third detachment carried out stream sediment survey in this area, but due to the low abnormal value found, it has not carried out systematic verification work. In 2007, with the continuous enrichment of basic geological data and the progress of technical means, they came to bite this "hard bone" again. "We carried out a sudden survey in the previously discovered abnormal area of stream sediment and found that there are four possible anomalies of soil gold." Zhou Qilin said

in recent years, they have successively found 9 gold ore bodies. "This year, we cooperated with Jilin University and other units to initially establish the metallogenic model of Baoxinggou. On this basis, nearly 24 grams of gold ore per ton were found." He said. Next, they will continue to cooperate with scientific research institutions and universities to strengthen the research on metallogenic laws and prospecting techniques and methods, and promote the transformation of achievements

in Chalukou molybdenum polymetallic mining area in Songshan District, Daxing'an Mountains, Heilongjiang nonferrous metal geology 706 team is also implementing drilling projects. It was seen at the scene that a section of core taken from a formation of more than 560 meters had been exposed to the ground. Technicians told that it would take about half an hour to take cores from this depth. They calculated the trend and reserves of the deposit from many rock cores

team 706 locked the target area in the 40 square kilometer intersection area in fiscal 2017 from an area of 400 square kilometers through a variety of advanced technical means and data comparison and analysis. This is a difficult process that we cannot see. Daxinganling is a shallow forest swamp coverage area, the surface is covered by a thick humus layer, and the basic geological data are lacking. Therefore, the mineral development work here has not made great progress before. "We constantly explore technical methods, explore laws a little bit, and accumulate experience." Liuyinwei, the captain of the 706 team, told me

at present, Chalukou mining area has entered the stage of commercial exploration. After the 706 team used the resource census project of Heilongjiang Province to delineate the prospecting target area, since 2008, Daxing'anling Jinxin Mining Co., Ltd., which was invested and established by a private enterprise in Beijing and Yunnan Chihong Zinc Germanium, has invested more than 200million yuan and entrusted the team to continue the general survey and detailed investigation of the mine

the involvement of social funds has accelerated the speed of mineral exploration. "Chalukou mining area has implemented the new geological prospecting mechanism of 'public welfare first, commercial follow-up, stress and strain relationship is no longer a linear relationship, fund convergence, packaged exploration, and rapid breakthrough' required by the strategic action outline for prospecting breakthroughs". Liu yinwei said that in this process, geological prospecting teams, local governments and commercial capital benefited. He revealed that in the project, the team received a reward of up to 27million yuan from Jinxin mining

"in 2011, Hedong mine section turned to the exploration stage. With the further exploration of Hexi mining area, the molybdenum metal quantity in Chalukou mining area can reach a scale of 3million tons, and even is expected to reach 5million tons." Liu yinwei said. This is the largest single molybdenum mine in Asia. Chen Xingshi, deputy chief engineer of the Bureau of Geology and mineral resources of Heilongjiang Province, believes that this is a major breakthrough in mineral exploration in the greater Hinggan Mountains

Wang Jin, general manager of Jinxin mining, told that a green, environmental friendly and intelligent mine with a daily processing capacity of 50000 tons would be built soon. "At the current market price, sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan can be realized every year, and taxes of 3.4 billion yuan will be paid."

this is undoubtedly a great wealth for Songling District, whose per capita annual income is only 20000 yuan. In fact, with the reduction of the number of logs, the great Khingan mountains, a green treasure, has not brought much wealth to the local people. It is not only an important guarantee area for China's ecological security, but also the first batch of pilot areas for the transformation of resource exhausted cities in China. "Mining will become one of the key alternative industries." Songshan District government official said

will mine construction damage the ecological environment? The official said that this is also the primary consideration of the local government. "Jinxin mining adopts lifting wells, and all mining activities are underground, which has little damage to the environment."

Chen Xingshi made an account: "the ore body area of a large mine is actually very small. Even with the plant area, the area is less than 1 square kilometer, so it has no impact on the ecology. As for the waste water, waste and other pollution generated in the beneficiation process, China has a set of mature technologies and strict standards, which are completely within the controllable range." In his view, the benefits brought by mining development can increase investment in forestry and feed back ecological protection. These analysis methods mainly control the two major differences between new plastics and recycled plastics (changes in body materials and foreign pollutants)

the relevant person in charge of the greater Hinggan Mountains administration stressed that the mining geological environment access system will be strictly enforced and the mining ecological environment compensation mechanism will be implemented to develop green mines and realize the harmonious development of mining development, society and environment. (

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