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Indian media: bat is not only targeting India for e-commerce or will expand other fields

the article of the times of India on November 23, the original title: Indian start-ups, Chinese giants Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are staring at you. Indian investment companies are becoming more and more cautious in the face of start-ups. At the same time, a new investment group - Chinese investors are ambitious to invest in Indian start-ups. The three Internet giants "bat", consisting of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, have visited India for a year to identify start-ups worthy of investment

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"India is the last important frontier of global mobile Internet." Vikram, general manager of Jingwei venture capital company in India, said, "as a global heavyweight Internet giant, bat will play an important role in building a new economic system. Bat has a good investment record and professional experience. I think these systems need to be cold transported and stored in small barrels. Many Indian start-ups will welcome bat to join."

bat's interest in India is growing at the right time. As a number of Indian start-ups struggle to maintain operations, venture investors are readjusting their portfolios. In July this year, venture capital companies invested a total of $4billion in start-ups, but the amount of investment gradually decreased, from 43 investments worth $604million in July this year to 30 investments in September, a total of $255million

Alibaba invested US $680million in paytm, an Indian e-commerce company, in September this year. One month ago, Alibaba has injected $100million to $125million into snapdeal, India's second largest e-commerce company. In August this year, Tencent took the lead in participating in a US $90million financing, tax, interest, depreciation and amortization (excluding special items) of practo, an Indian medical information provider, to maintain the level of the same period last year. Baidu plans to take a stake in mydala, India's largest discount station

a venture capital fund manager said, "all three bat companies are likely to invest in India, and the investment field is very close to their core business." Some people also believe that e-commerce is not the only investment direction of each of the three giant machines with its own functional characteristics. Tourism, real estate and education may also attract investors' attention. "I don't think they will limit their business to e-commerce, and there are large markets in other fields," said mayanke of Saifu investment fund. "Bat is a prolific investor in China, and I think they will adopt a variety of investment strategies in the Indian market."

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