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The longitudinal compression and bending resistance of paper corner guards are tested according to the standard

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core tip: Introduction: L-shaped paper corner guards are made of two layers of kraft paper and the middle layers of sand tube paper through bonding, edging, extrusion, shaping and cutting, and the two ends are smooth and flat without obvious burrs, And phase

Introduction: L-shaped paper corner protector is made of two layers of kraft paper and multi-layer sandpaper in the middle through bonding, edging, extrusion, shaping and cutting. The two ends are smooth, flat, without obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other. It can replace 100% recycling of wood. It is an edge protector of packaging with high strength and rigidity

1. Advantages of paper corner protection

in the whole development process of paper corner protection, with the continuous expansion of application fields, its shape has gradually increased, and its product quality has been praised to reach the technology and utilization level of top similar products in Europe and America. After the emergence of U-shaped paper corner protection, C-shaped paper corner protection and surrounding paper corner protection

the main advantages of paper corner guards are:

(1) the paper corner guards are placed in the inner corner of the carton, like the reinforcement added to the brick wall, which greatly increases the compressive capacity of the carton (as shown in Figure 1). It is mainly used for the tensile property test of welded joints of metal materials (such as profiles and pipes)

(2) the usability of paper corner guards can be comparable with wooden cases. Fixing the paper corner protector around and on the top of the goods can not only protect the places where the edges and corners of the products are easy to be damaged, but also improve the stacking and stacking capacity of the goods, so as to reduce the damage of freight, save costs, and protect the environment (as shown in Figure 2)

(3) the paper corner protector is placed on the edge that can protect the product from painting. 2. The surface of the fatigue testing machine is incomplete, unsmooth, uneven and inconsistent in tone during operation, which can not only prevent the packing belt from being pulled, but also bundle the products together, making the overall package more beautiful, solid and firm (as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4)

2. The rigidity test item of paper corner guard

rigidity reflects the mechanical performance of paper corner guard. According to the standard BB paper corner guards, there are two test items: longitudinal compression and bending resistance. However, paper corner guards with a thickness of 3mm or a side width of 30mm or less are not required as physical and mechanical properties

a. the longitudinal compression resistance shall not be lower than that specified in Table 1:

Table 1: the longitudinal compression resistance of paper corner guards (unit: Newton)

b. the transverse bending resistance shall not be lower than that specified in Table 2:

Table 2: the transverse bending resistance of paper corner guards (unit: Newton)

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