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Linzhou, Henan Province: clean up the small advertisements of power facilities and create a new look of the city

thank you for your supervision. I hope you will inform us in time if you find such phenomenon of installing billboards on electric poles without permission in the future. Recently, Henan united urban construction law enforcement department walked the streets and lanes to carry out a week-long special rectification activity to comprehensively inspect the urban transmission and distribution lines, and clean up the billboards, banners and other accessories on the electric pole lines, which won the support of the citizens

with the overwhelming popularity of advertisements, power facilities such as electric poles and meter boxes along the street have become hotbeds for all kinds of advertisements, which not only block and blacken the appearance of the city, but also add obstacles to the maintenance of power lines. In order to prevent the transportation of plastic packaging materials from moving towards green and environmental protection, the billboards installed on the distribution line towers may cause personal injury and traffic accidents that can only be more respected, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the line, the power supply department will make a thorough registration of advertising companies and businesses that often rely on poles to hang banners and place billboards, and strengthen publicity and education; Issue specific rectification requirements, and all operation inspection teams, power supply stations and business stations shall clean up the billboards according to the territorial principle, and do a good job in filing the cleaning situation, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of first removing and then hanging; By means of TV airwaves, the experimental force range is selected according to the characteristics of the sample, and the brochures for the protection of power facilities and the safe use of electricity are distributed near the roadside, traffic arteries and densely populated places, so as to widely publicize, enhance the people's awareness of the protection of power facilities, and advocate the people to report the installation advertising phenomenon to the power supply department in time

at the same time, Henan Linzhou power supply company actively responded to the municipal government's work goal of striving for a national civilized city and a national hygienic city, and included cleaning in the inspection items of electricity operation and maintenance management such as autumn inspection and autumn inspection, and organized little red hat volunteers to pick up cleaning supplies such as scrapers, steel balls, buckets, etc., and centrally clean up all kinds of small advertisements posted on walls, telegraph poles, and meter boxes, Let the special treatment work become a daily management content that the power supply enterprises voluntarily and actively implement to maintain the safety of power facilities

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