The hottest link is mobile customer service

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Huanxin is mobile customer service.

after experiencing the test of tens of millions of mobile end users and 100 million messages per day, Huanxin has created a new mobile customer service platform on the basis of a mature instant messaging platform

gartner predicts that 60% of customer service requests will come from mobile terminals. Huanxin has prepared a complete set of mobile customer service solutions for you. Are you ready

the most powerful Mobile SDK in history

shares the core code with Huanxin instant messaging SDK. After two years of research and development iterations, 20000 apps have actually verified the welcome message:

when starting the session, automatically push the welcome message and recent activity information to visitors

track tracking:

send customer stay track and send customer terminal information

rich media message interaction:

text, expression, voice, picture, location, custom message

frequently asked questions and automatic replies:

by integrating with the knowledge base, 60% of frequently asked questions can be answered automatically

minimalist integration:

multiple sets of UI templates with open source source. It's easy to finish in one day

ultimate optimization of mobile terminal capability:

optimization of power flow, optimization of long-term connection under mobile weak network, and bound message

powerful customer service workbench, support efficient customer service

improve the work efficiency of customer service representatives, and make the communication between enterprises and customers smoother

customized information

set enterprise information, welcome words, activities and other information

set queue prompt, off-duty prompt

automatic reply

by integrating with the knowledge base, you can automatically reply to 60% of common questions

quick reply

set common reply, One click sending

multi customer service collaboration

multi customer service collaboration

supports multi skill groups, which can manage members independently. To sum up, the prompt

supports a variety of session allocation strategies

supports custom session allocation strategy plug-ins

rich media message interaction

text, expression, voice, picture, location, custom message

wiring rhythm adjustment

seats can set status and number of accesses, Super line pull queue meeting

all party new materials are the basic conditions for judging worn parts and their specific parts, improving the material support of military weapons and equipment and Quartermaster Equipment, and improving the degree of informatization. Quality inspection

real time monitoring, historical spot check, KPI assessment constitute all-round quality inspection

real time quality inspection

all sessions of the real-time monitoring system

administrator quality inspection, View session information

historical session quality inspection

historical session query, quality inspection evaluation

statistical report

access statistics of customer service representatives

time statistics of customer service representatives

response waiting time statistics

Customer portrait

accurate customer portrait, improve transaction rate

Customer Classification

support custom customer classification labels

classify customers, When you visit again, you can get the customer type

session summary

support custom session summary

count the classification of sessions according to the session summary

track customer demands through the session summary

track analysis

send the track of the customer visit page, judge the customer intention

get the personalized details of the customer, understand the basic information of the customer

open platform

open platform, Support differentiated customer service business needs

multi terminal demand will gradually increase channel access

a unified customer service platform with mobile terminal as the core and multi-channel access

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