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Linyi: actively implement four measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of wood enterprises

release date: Source: China Wood information

Hedong District of Linyi pays close attention to four measures, including policy support, platform construction, technological transformation and brand building, to vigorously promote the transformation of old and new drivers of wood enterprises. Up to now, there are 81 wood enterprises in the region, including 48 furniture enterprises, 6 willow weaving enterprises, 21 sheet metal enterprises and 6 peeling enterprises. The development of logistics industry above designated size must have perfect infrastructure to support 17 enterprises

first, we should focus on policy support to solve the industrial constraints. Strengthen policy support. Actively sort out the municipal policies to support the development of wood enterprises, hold a meeting of the heads of wood enterprises in the region, and accelerate the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of the wood industry. A total of 5 wood enterprises in the region meet 16 incentive and subsidy policies, including 6 incentive and subsidy policies that have been enjoyed and 10 incentive and subsidy policies that have not been enjoyed. The next step is to coordinate with relevant departments to implement relevant reward and subsidy policies as soon as possible. We will increase financial support for enterprises' second start-ups, support backbone leading enterprises, and achieve structural adjustment, quality improvement and efficiency increase

second, taking the platform construction as a breakthrough, improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution complement each other, and innovating the industrial operation format. Guide and encourage enterprises to actively participate in the construction of municipal "one enterprise, one technology" R & D platform, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, and build provincial technology centers. Guide enterprises how to judge in combination with new business forms such as cloud computing, big data and IOT, build a large wood e-commerce platform integrating functions such as third-party payment, e-commerce, logistics transaction and big data center, and guide the transformation of transaction mode from offline transaction to online transaction

third, take innovation as the guiding force to promote industrial quality improvement and efficiency. Encourage and support enterprises to strengthen technological transformation. In combination with the "one thousand enterprises, one thousand items, and one hundred billion" technological transformation project, encourage and support qualified enterprises to increase the pace of technological transformation, and actively introduce new technologies, new materials, and new equipment. Accelerate the construction of enterprise technology research and development platform

fourth, focus on building brands to improve the level of industrial competition. Organize the heads of wood enterprises to study advanced experience in advanced areas and introduce advanced technology and equipment; Hold a symposium for heads of banks and wood enterprises, strengthen the combination of banks and enterprises, and solve the problem of enterprise financing difficulties; Organize and participate in the annual World wood-based panel conference and China (Linyi) International Wood Industry Expo, comprehensively display the brand manufacturers of Linyi wood industry, introduce how to maintain the image of instruments and meters, and form a development pattern in which regional brands and enterprise brands promote each other

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