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Lintong power supply fought for 70 hours to restore the power supply of damaged equipment. As of 14:00 on July 29, Xi'an power supply Lintong company of China had worked together for more than 70 hours without fear of high temperature and heat. After three days and three nights, the power supply equipment caused by the "7.26" natural disasters in Yujin, Jiaokou, Liyang and other regions had been fully connected and operated with electricity

in the face of power disasters caused by heavy storms, rain and hail, the company has no choice but to overcome difficulties, not afraid of high temperature and heat, and coordinate multiple departments and offices to rush to the hardest hit areas for continuous repair. It is required to repair one road, restore one place and light up a village. Try to shorten the duration of power failure and let the villagers enjoy the hope that electricity brings to their lives. At the same time, Lintong Liangli company and the outsourced construction team rushed to rescue tanzhang central power supply station for 10 kV emergency repair, and Beitian, Xuyang, Xinshi and hezhai power supply stations dispatched more than 20 elite troops to rush to rescue Yujin, Youhuai and some outsourced construction teams to rescue the affected areas, while Liyang and Xinfeng power supply stations fought independently. Materials, vehicles and personnel were all in place, and the soldiers of tanzhang central power supply station rushed to the 10 kV Feeder under their respective jurisdiction to repair and reply with the "opinions" revealed by the construction team

0.4 kV is difficult to repair. To overcome unprecedented difficulties, first of all, the emergency repair personnel should cut down the collapsed trees in front of the customer's house, clean up the broken poles and wires, sort out the next household line, and then transport new poles and wires, dig pole pits, hoist poles, tamp them, install cross arms, erect wires, and connect the next household line. Unlike high-voltage lines, which are controlled by sections with switches, low-voltage lines do not have sectionalized knife switches. Only after all the emergency repairs in a station area are completed can they supply power while meeting the needs of customers and ensuring supply. The heavy workload, high temperature and heat, continuous rush repair, and arduous rush repair have been highly praised by the villagers

During the period of

, the leading group of the company braved the high temperature and heat to go deep into the front line, commanded the emergency repair on site, paid attention to the on-site safety measures, inquired about the emergency repair progress, and took heatstroke prevention and cooling measures. Wherever you go, you should ask about the progress of the emergency repair work and the mental outlook of the employees. You must take safety measures to restore power supply on the premise of the safety of the emergency repair personnel. The labor union and the youth league made every effort to do a good job in logistics support, cared about the health of employees, took the company's advice and care, expressed condolences to front-line employees on the spot, and sent mineral water, Wanglaoji, essential balm, cooling oil, Huoxiang Zhengqi water and other heatstroke prevention products to front-line emergency repair employees

through more than 100 employees working hard overnight, they carried forward the spirit of continuous fighting, not afraid of fatigue, overcoming numerous difficulties, daring to bear hardships, dare to contribute, and dare to bite hard bones, which brought light to the villagers and warmed the hearts of the people. Restore 6 10kv High-voltage lines in time, correct distribution transformers and install 3 sets, replace 6 bases of high-voltage breaking rods, erect 10.3km high-voltage lines with a high investment range of more than 600 billion yuan, and restore power supply to all. More than 190 low-voltage platform areas were restored, 74 broken poles were replaced, more than 3600 meters of conductors were erected, more than 160 pole bases were corrected, and more than 1120 collapsed tree barriers were cleared, benefiting more than 23000 electricity customers

through the company's all-out rush repair and self-help, "metal pendulum impact testing machine should calibrate and verify the equipment before leaving the factory. 7.26" the rush to repair electricity lasted for more than 70 hours and finally came to an end. Although the work of repairing electricity is over, the work of high-quality service will never be over

: Zhang Yuanyuan

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