The hottest Linux event was held in Beijing today

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The Linux event was held in Beijing today (with the Chinese Linux Chronicle)

linuxworldchina2003 will be held at the Kerry Center in Beijing on August

linux has gone through its own concept period and entered the application period in China. Reviewing the current market situation, enterprise informatization has brought a large number of Linux application needs. Enterprise users urgently need to provide them with special products, technologies and solutions, and sincerely hope to be guided by them to meet their practical application needs, which requires suppliers to provide tailor-made comprehensive solutions according to the actual characteristics of enterprises

we are glad to see that the theme of linuxworldchina2003 is determined as: application. The development of several major domestic Linux manufacturers is specially introduced in the form of chronicles, and we hope that more people will know and understand their real development process. Forget those flags and take you into the wonderful surfing world:

appendix: Chinese Linux Enterprise chronicle

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illustration of the chronicle of Chinese Linux enterprises

in March 1999, the first professional Chinese Linux manufacturer in China - surfing platform (China) Software Technology Co., Ltd. was established

on March 1st, 1999, xteamlinux Chinese version 1.0, the first complete Chinese Linux distribution in the world, was successfully developed and officially released, which was widely welcomed by Chinese users. In only four months, the retail volume reached 100000 sets. It has occupied the top of the sales list of operating system software for several consecutive months, squeezing Microsoft's windows products into the second place for the first time, marking that China has entered a new stage in the field of operating system

TurboLinux gave 110000 copies of turbolinux3.0.2 simplified Chinese version free of charge with microcomputer world magazine in April 1999

in June 1999, Lenovo computer company announced that Lenovo Wanquan server would be fully bundled with the xteamlinux Chinese operating system. The cooperation between surfing platform and Lenovo has created the OEM market of Chinese Linux

in July, 1999, TurboLinux's first Chinese product was released with a product number of 4.0, marking the beginning of competition in the Chinese Linux market, which constitutes four major industrial chains

Hongqi Linux was established in August 1999

in September 1999, the predecessor of Blue Dot software, xinkesi company, was registered and established in Shenzhen

blue dot linux1.0rc was released in October 1999

in October, 1999, Hongqi Linux1.0 was released

in November 1999, TurboLinux announced the "localization of the kernel" technology after the surfing platform

the preview version of blue dot Linux1.0 was released in December 1999

TurboLinux launched the Linux Cluster Server TurboCluster in China in January 2000

in March 2000, the surfing platform groundbreaking released the Linux platform running on windows - xteamlindows3.0, which created a shortcut for Linux enthusiasts to learn Linux. This product has created a miracle of selling 40000 sets within two weeks, which has effectively promoted the popularity of Linux in China

in March 2000, blue dot Linux was successfully listed on the OTCBB capital market in the United States, which inspired the morale of China's Linux industry

in April 2000, the surfing platform established a linuxsupportcenter with Intel, which led Intel to establish the first Linux solution technical support center in China with domestic L Honeywell bulletproof materials, which was highly trusted in the industry

the official version of blue dot Linux1.0 was launched in April 2000

in June 2000, Hongqi Linux1.0 was listed, and the competition in the domestic Linux market entered a situation of three pillars

in June 2000, Beijing Zhongke Hongqi Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established, injecting new vitality and impetus into Hongqi Linux

TurboLinux released six language operating systems in July 2000

in August 2000, blue dot 2.0 standard edition, luxury edition, blue dot embedded! And MiniGUI project was officially released in Beijing

in October 2000, the surfing platform officially released the industry's first e-use linuxserver - xteamserver3.0i-class (3e: easy to use, Explorer Based on browser management, and the driving force of eBusiness Internet Economy)

in October 2000, Hongqi Linux embedded solutions were fully unveiled, including set-top boxes, PDAs, thin clients, etc

in 2000, the surfing platform was selected as one of the top ten brands in the software industry by the China electronics chamber of Commerce

in 2001, zhongruqiang real-time embedded Linux won the "Ninth Five Year Plan" national technological innovation excellent project award of the State Economic and Trade Commission and the excellent scientific and technological achievement award of China's machinery industry

in March, 2001, the surfing platform launched three products that are fully applied to servers: xteamservermonitor, xteamloganalyzer and xteamwebmail. Their launch marks the entry of China's Linux market into the era of enterprise service applications, and guides China's Linux development path to a broader space

in December 2001, the surfing platform company was successfully listed on the Hong Kong GEM, becoming the first Linux enterprise listed on the Hong Kong GEM in China

in December 2001, Hongqi enterprise server 3 series was launched, marking the entry of Hongqi into the enterprise market

in mid December 2001, Beijing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. on the contrary, I was also very willing to find my partner to do all kinds of cave theft experiments. The University also cooperated with Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Manufacturing Engineering and Hangzhou Chaoyang Rubber Co., Ltd. kehongqi won the bid for the purchase of genuine software for desktop operating system products of the Beijing municipal government, and Microsoft lost this bid

in December 2001, CSoft Linux won the bid for the purchase of legitimate software for desktop operating system products of the Beijing municipal government, and Microsoft lost the bid

after 2002, blue dot broke away from the main line of Linux for some reasons

in March, 2002, the surfing platform issued an annual report to shareholders, announcing that the annual sales reached 30million yuan, and made a profit that year. Therefore, surfing platform has become the first profitable Linux manufacturer in China

in May 2002, in order to solve various problems in the application of desktop Linux operating system in government procurement, with the support of Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, the center and China Co creation software alliance jointly implemented the desktop Linux operating system performance optimization project code named "sailing" project

in June 2002, surfing platform successfully acquired Shanghai Pengda company, which is the first time that Chinese Linux manufacturers have achieved rapid business expansion by means of capital acquisition, marking that Chinese Linux manufacturers have matured in market operation

in July 2002, TurboLinux won the largest single in the Linux world - Sinopec IC card refueling project

in December 2002, the surfing platform released the database server xteamlinux4.0d-class, which pushed the enterprise application of Linux in China to a deeper level again

in May 2003, red flag launched redflagdc4.0 database server product

in June 2003, the surfing platform "high performance Java computing platform in Linux environment" project won the "Beijing Torch Program project"

in August 2003, the surfing platform launched the openec plan, breaking the development mode of China's Linux desktop operating system again, and bringing China's Linux into a new world of information appliances

in August 2003, the surfing platform released the embedded operating system, and launched the Linux embedded solution for mobile devices and the strong real-time Linux embedded solution for robots

in August 2003, the surfing platform grandly launched the high-end mail server xteampostalserver on the basis of the existing product webmail with more than 5million users

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