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Promote the application of big data and artificial intelligence - bat takes the lead in opening up technological capabilities

Beijing Business Daily News (Wei Wei) on February 3, Beijing issued 19 heavy measures to investigate the reasons, supporting the fight against the prevention and control of novel coronavirus infected pneumonia. In giving play to the supporting role of scientific and technological innovation in epidemic prevention and control, it is proposed to promote the application of big data and artificial intelligence. The interview of Beijing Business Daily found that Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other mainstream Internet companies have made cloud computing, AI algorithm, big data technical support for medical treatment, drug research and development, and some projects have shown results in shortening the time of diagnosis, virus gene agency prediction and other aspects

Article 16 of the heavy measures issued by Beijing points out that it is necessary to promote the application of big data and artificial intelligence. We should thoroughly implement the Beijing big data action plan, encourage the integration, sharing, interaction and interoperability of government data and social data, and jointly carry out research and development of intelligent applications such as screening and material allocation. Improve the "consultation platform for doctors with pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus in Beijing" and support the research and development of key technologies and product demonstration of medical artificial intelligence "

in fact, the "Beijing online doctor consultation platform for pneumonia infected with covid-19" launched on February 1 is hosted by the Beijing Medical Association. Baidu, as a joint unit, provides technical support and is responsible for the overall operation of the platform. Baidu's consulting product "Baidu doctor" is synchronously connected to the platform

Baidu said that "Baidu asks doctors" was launched by Baidu in conjunction with third-party services such as good doctors, good doctors and doctor Chunyu of Ping'an. It can provide users with pre-treatment consulting services, and all consulting services are answered by more than 100000 doctors free of charge

1 generally, the standard configuration is attached with the troubleshooting under the elastic modulus. Baidu introduced that Baidu AI multi person rapid temperature detection solution has been applied in Beijing Qinghe railway station. This scheme can be deployed based on computers and clients. It can set fixed detection bayonet points, and it can also use mobile devices for patrol inspection. At present, the system can measure the temperature difference of 0.05 ℃

big data also plays an important role in epidemic prevention and control. Sogou search and other mainstream information and search platforms have launched the "national real-time epidemic dynamics" function page, as well as the same process query function for patients with COVID-19. You can check whether there are confirmed patients in the same trip

map manufacturers with many traffic big data are not absent. Up to now, Gaode map has covered 10145 fever clinics in 297 cities across the country, as well as 2071 designated treatment hospitals; Baidu map launched the "quick report of travel control news during the epidemic period of pneumonia", which aggregates the functional entry of driving travel, bus travel, tourism and leisure, migration map and fever clinic query during the epidemic period

in addition to the above-mentioned scientific and technological forces of epidemic prevention and control that ordinary people can perceive. For core medical fields such as drug research and development and case confirmation, the dial indicator is adjusted back to 5 wires.) Internet enterprises have also strengthened their efforts in cloud computing and artificial intelligence

it is reported that in order to help research institutions accelerate new drug screening and vaccine research and development, Tencent cloud has established an emergency working group to open cloud supercomputing and other capabilities for free. At present, Tencent cloud has provided a large number of standard CPU computing power and object storage capacity to Professor Huang Niu's Laboratory of Beijing Institute of life sciences/biomedical cross Research Institute of Tsinghua University, helping them carry out offline computing tasks of structure based drug molecular design, and providing a basis for the next step of new drug research and development

Alibaba cloud also announced that during the epidemic period, all AI computing power will be free to public scientific research institutions around the world. Alibaba cloud can support viral gene sequencing, new drug research and development, protein screening and other work, and help scientific research institutions shorten the research and development cycle. It is reported that using the AI algorithm developed by the aridamo Institute, the Zhejiang CDC launched an automated genome-wide detection and analysis platform, which can shorten the original hours of genetic analysis of suspected cases to half an hour, significantly shorten the time of diagnosis, and accurately detect the variation of the virus

Baidu Research Institute also said that it would exempt gene testing institutions, epidemic prevention centers and scientific research centers around the world from one decade: what changes can 3D printing bring to the plastic industry? The report of Smartech also said that it was necessary to open the linear time algorithm linearfold and RNA structure prediction station to improve the prediction speed of RNA spatial structure of novel coronavirus. According to scientists from Baidu Research Institute, linearfold algorithm can shorten the prediction of the whole genome secondary structure of novel coronavirus from 55 minutes to 27 seconds, with a speed increase of 120 times, saving two orders of magnitude of waiting time

Baidu insiders told Beijing Business Daily that if AI and big data technology are needed in virus analysis, vaccine development and drug research, Baidu will provide technical support; At the same time, relying on the Baidu PaddlePaddle platform to provide 100 million computing power, accelerate this research process. There are no restrictions on specific research methods

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