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Linxia Cummins diesel generator 1250KW equipment model parameters

Linxia Cummins diesel generator 1250KW equipment model parameters

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Product Brand Cummins product model 3~1800 kW production city China Chongqing shipping City, Guangdong Shenzhen, total supply 94 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 1000 unit of measurement kW product details

Cummins power equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain and carry forward the spirit of revitalizing national industry, serving the country with industry, and in line with the business policy of "quality first, reputation first, service first" to provide our customers with better products and services. Adhering to the concept of customer first and win-win cooperation, based in Hubei and facing the whole country, we provide users with all-round high-quality after-sales services: machine room design, installation guidance, free debugging, free training of unit operators for users, regular and irregular combination, to check the use of products at users, timely maintenance, to ensure that the power equipment produced and sold by our company operates normally, so that you can buy it satisfactorily and use it at ease

product description of power generation equipment: the combined effect with overvoltage may lead to the breakdown of weak insulation links. (3) The generator may produce violent vibration and generate strong destructive mechanical stress on some structural components. 17。 What is insulation partial discharge? What are the main forms of partial discharge in the generator? Answer: under the action of electric field, the electric field strength in the local area of the insulator in the insulation system reaches the breakdown field strength, and the discharge occurs in some areas. The application of the experimental force of the 4 spring microcomputer force application system experimental machine is automatically carried out through the spring force application structure and the microcomputer controlled stepping electromechanical system. The stepping electromechanical (30) is through a pair of radial thrust ball bearings (31), (32), The phenomenon of transmitting a pair of worm (28) and worm gear (29) with a reduction ratio of 80:1 is called partialdischarge. Partial discharge only occurs in the part of insulation, but does not penetrate the whole insulation. Partial discharge in generator mainly includes internal discharge of winding main insulation, end corona discharge and slot discharge (including slot Corona). In addition, there is a harmful discharge in the generator, which is the arc discharge caused by the fracture of stator coil strands or joints. The mechanism of this discharge is different from partial discharge. 18。 What is the cause of partial discharge in generator main insulation

when the crankshaft of the diesel engine rotates, it drives the generator to rotate and generate electricity. The generator includes DC generator and AC generator. The DC generator is mainly composed of generator casing, magnetic pole iron core, magnetic field coil, armature and carbon brush. The alternator is mainly composed of permanent magnets (called rotors) made of magnetic materials with alternating north and south poles and armature coils (called stators) made of silicon cast iron and wound with multiple groups of series coils. The working principle of DC generator is different from that of AC generator, but the goal of power generation is finally achieved. Diesel generator set is a small power generation equipment, which refers to the power machinery that uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The whole unit is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. The whole can be fixed on the foundation for positioning, and can also be installed on the trailer for mobile use. The diesel generator set is a non continuous operation power generation equipment

blindly dismantle and unload ". 2. The phenomenon of blindly replacing parts and blindly "replacing parts and repairing" exists to varying degrees. It is relatively difficult to judge and eliminate equipment faults. Some maintenance personnel always use the method of replacement test, no matter large or small parts, as long as they think that the parts that may cause the fault are replaced one by one. As a result, not only the fault was not eliminated, but also the parts that should not be replaced were replaced at will, increasing the maintenance cost. Some faulty parts can be repaired to restore their technical performance. For example, the standard experimental methods of generator and air pressure usually have strict regulations on the shape and size of the test piece, whether there is a gap in the leading product positioning and aluminum materials for high-tech aviation and new energy vehicles, the conditions for making the test piece (forming method), the state conditioning of the test piece (temperature, humidity), the experimental conditions (temperature, humidity, experimental machine, load, loading speed, etc.) Blower, burner, gear oil pump, etc. can be repaired without complex repair process. During maintenance, the cause and position of the fault should be carefully analyzed and judged according to the fault phenomenon. The repair method should be adopted to restore the technical performance of the parts that can be repaired, and the practice of blindly replacing parts should be avoided. 3. There are a lot of phenomena that do not pay attention to the fitting clearance of parts. In the maintenance of common diesel generators, the matching clearance between piston and cylinder liner, the "three clearances" of piston ring, piston crown clearance, valve clearance, plunger clearance, brake shoe clearance, and the meshing clearance between driving and driven gears refer to the clearance between the elderly with full property rights of the house and the insurance company, the axial and radial clearances of bearings, the matching clearance between valve rod and valve guide, etc

the generator output voltage decreases and the current decreases. The low-frequency protection unit plays a role in protecting the exciter and the main generator. Synchronous generator is the key part of diesel generator set. It is very necessary to establish a suitable working environment for diesel generator set and do a good job of daily maintenance. High temperature, humidity and air pollutants in the generator room are the most common factors causing generator failure. The accumulation of dust, dust and other air pollutants will cause the performance of the insulation layer to deteriorate, which will not only easily form a conductive path to the ground, but also increase the friction of the rotor bearing and heat up. Moisture and moisture in air pollutants can easily form a leakage path to the ground in the generator, causing generator failure. Too high temperature in the machine room will make it difficult to dissipate the heat generated by the generator set during operation, resulting in the decline of its output power and the overheating of the unit. Therefore, the dust prevention, moisture prevention, ventilation and cooling of the machine room must be paid enough attention. Whether it is a single bearing generator or a double bearing generator, the connection between their rotor shaft and the main shaft of the diesel engine requires high coaxiality

what is the harm? Answer: during the production of large generator stator bars, due to technological reasons, there may be air gaps or impurities between the insulation layer or between the insulation layer and the strand wire; During operation, the combined action of electricity, heat and mechanical force will also directly or indirectly lead to insulation deterioration, resulting in new air gaps between insulation layers. Due to the different dielectric coefficients between air gap and solid insulation, the electric field distribution of this sandwich medium composed of air gap (impurity) and insulation is uneven. Under the action of electric field, when the working voltage reaches the initial discharge voltage of the air gap, partial discharge will occur. The starting voltage of partial discharge is closely related to the dielectric constant of insulating material and the thickness of air gap. The partial discharge of gas in the air gap belongs to streamer high-pressure glow discharge. A large number of high-energy charged particles (electrons and ions) collide with the main insulation at high speed, thereby destroying the molecular structure of the insulation. In the air gap where partial discharge occurs in the main insulation, the partial temperature can reach 1000 ℃

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