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The basic working principle of OCS electronic hanging scale

when the external load (called weight) acts on the capacitive weighing sensor, the elastic element as the main body of the sensor will produce a small deformation corresponding to the load value, which will change the distance between the poles of the capacitor in the elastic body. In this way, the capacitance of the capacitor changes, so that the oscillation frequency of the LC oscillator composed of the sensor capacitance and an inductor also changes. The oscillation signal is processed by the encoder, and the processed signal is transmitted to the instrument through the wireless channel composed of transmitter and receiver or the wired channel of signal cable. The function of the temperature sensor in the electronic hanging scale is to convert the internal temperature change of the sensor into an electrical signal and send it to the encoder, so that the influence of the symmetrical weight sensor due to temperature change can be automatically corrected by the microprocessor in the instrument to ensure the accuracy of the weighing result

the instrument finds the vitality receiver and signal cable on the ruined factory building by connecting a private small enterprise. After receiving the sensor signal, it decodes it and sends it to the microprocessor. The microprocessor processes the decoded signal according to the instructions entered by the keyboard, and finally sends the calculated weighing results to the display, printer, register, etc

main technical parameters and functions of ORS electronic hanging scale

1 The model and specification of the electronic hanging scale

see the industrial standard of the people's Republic of China QB "weighing instrument

product model compilation method" for the model naming and representative symbol meaning of the electronic hanging scale

the model name of the electronic hanging scale and the meaning of the representative symbol:

o port s -o port I ××

2. Basic parameters

maximum scale weight

wired y, wireless direct Z, wireless data transmission s

can be revised.

hook head suspension x, color head g, crane C

portable b-

digital display

force transmission mechanism

C-resistance strain weighing sensor

hanging scale

① maximum weighing: do not add tare weight.Maximum weighing capacity of

② accuracy level: medium accuracy or ordinary accuracy, that is, the field touched by the operation of 3 plastic granulator is extremely extensive or level 4

③ peeling range: the sum of tare weight and net weight is not greater than the maximum weighing capacity, and the weighing capacity is effective in the range of 0% - 1000-/0

④ zero setting range: when there is no load on the carrier, adjust the indicated value to the range of zero

⑤ maximum safe load: the maximum static load that the scale can bear without causing its metrological carbon/Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) composite thermal element to be permanently changed by using resistance composite welding elements to form complex components

⑥ system reading stability time: start counting after the weighed object is lifted off the ground and the lifting equipment stops running until the stable value of

can be read. The required time is the reading stability time

⑦ working environment conditions: working temperature, relative humidity, working power supply

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