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Linkhead vrbt video RBT solution

as 5g is about to enter the global scale, commercial and large screen cheap intelligent terminals are becoming more and more popular, massive HD video content on the Internet cloud is growing explosively, and personal consumers and industrial users have increasingly strong demand for mobile HD video services. According to the research and analysis of authoritative consulting institutions, video communication will quickly become the largest business in the era of mobile Internet, and is expected to account for more than 70% of mobile data traffic in the future

with the launch of the internationalization process of the new generation of converged communication services, 5g users around the world are expected to enjoy more and better converged communication business experience in a wider geographical range in the future

video RBT application will become the best solution based on 5g volte. It can realize the HD video call of more end users in the mobile scene, and realize the group push of various video advertisements, film and television trailers and other high-volume video content, providing a good business model for video content providers and other business chain businesses. Provide better business experience to end users, and at the same time, wireless network resources have been effectively utilized

video RBT will be the first value-added service (VAS) in 5g volte network.

this is not a new idea, but it has been tried in the 3G and 4G era, but it has not been successful. At that time, limited bandwidth and network quality, low video quality (clarity, fluency) user experience is poor. However, changes have taken place in 5g volte today. Now the effective bandwidth has been significantly increased, the network quality has been improved, the terminal performance has been improved, and the user experience supporting the playback of high-resolution real-time video has changed dramatically

The architecture of

video RBT is as follows:

the core of video RBT is the use of XMS media server products. It can connect with traditional SIP terminals, customs, mobile terminals, including webrtc, which facilitates enterprises to further realize video IVR interactive access after supporting vrbt video RBT. Help enterprises use 5g network to improve service level and expand service methods

video RBT can have many application scenarios:

Call Center/Marketing Center: using the time of customers waiting or queuing, you can play notices, new product introductions, creative videos, etc. to improve the user experience

for enterprises/organizations with access numbers (800400, enterprise switchboard): for example, broadcast enterprise profiles

enterprise employee video RBT: enterprise employees can play the employer's video content to callers

social personal video RBT: play personal personalized video to the caller

the use of video RBT does not depend on the network or terminal type on the called side, but depends on the mobile terminal and network type of the caller, such as pocan AF 41x0 series used in the field of automotive electronics and electric vehicle (e-mobility), in mold decoration technology of thermoplastic composites used in the shell of electrical products, pocan c3230 XF used in axle frame, etc. On the premise of network support, in addition to the safety devices other than equipment, the safety awareness of laboratory personnel is also extremely important. At present, the mainstream Android brands common in the market can support video RBT: including Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi (Hongmi), oppo, vivo, Samsung, etc. Apple believes it will support it in the future

the actual demonstration effect of video RBT is as follows:

the video RBT using XMS can support the playback of video resolution up to 1080p, a single virtual machine can support the playback of more than 300 RBTS, support nfv/virtualization environment, and support the docking of standard msml media control interface with application server

the main features of video RBT products comply with 3GPP and GSMA standards, and fully support wireless and wired video and audio codecs. It is 100% based on software and nfv architecture, and can achieve perfect large-scale scaling through a separately set media resource agent (MRB), which has been verified by many instances. Video ring back tone is based on the international IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) custom ring back tone specification 3GPP ts24.182, which is in line with the video ring back tone business of major operators in China. Shandong Hongwang has an annual output of 1.2 million tons of nickel matrix composite project specifications

you will ask why vrbt video RBT can be developed using XMS software

because XMS media server can be deployed on a large scale, the number of verification and installation is very large, and there are mature and field tested technologies. Deployed in more than 250 global networks, more than 15000 enterprise customers are using it, more than 25million media ports are deployed, and more than 1billion mobile users are using it worldwide

lead innovation and R & D, have continuous strategic R & D investment, have a strong and strategic patent portfolio/focus on real-time video processing, have a good reputation and can realize product planning on time, the world's first software media server (MRB, webrtc, SFU and MCU)

incomparable scalability and flexibility, video and audio media processing achieve scalability in the cloud, and a unique video conference support mode (support SFU and mrf/mcu at the same time), Cloud based transcoding, operators' core networks and enterprise vas/ott solutions

have cutting-edge technologies, support the scaling scale from 1 to more than 100000 ports, cloud failover to ensure uninterrupted voice and video sessions, support all major industry standard media control APIs, and web, cloud and nfv are ready; Nfv mano support

the main features of XMS products are as follows:

software based media server, which ranks first in the world. It can be deployed in cloud, standalone or IMS (MRF) environment. The industry's only media server that supports SFU, MCU and encoder sharing, and supports the industry's best video conference application architecture. Provide cloud solution support for genband Kandy, mitel voice mailbox and vocalcom contact center. With the introduction of software based media resource broker (MRB), the software now has the ability to support 50000+ ports. Tens of millions of ports have been authorized for conference, notification, transcoding, voice analysis, IVR, music, tone and recording applications. Support standard media control interfaces, such as msml, VXML, NetANN, MRCP, JSR 309, JSON and restful APIs. Support various audio and video codecs, including HD voice/video. Virtualization and support industry standard nfv mano

about linkhead

Beijing linkhead Technology Co., Ltd. () is a Sino foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has branches and representative offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places. As the general agent of dialogic China for more than 26 years, linkhead is fully responsible for the sales and after-sales service of dialogic's full range of products in China. Since 1994, for 26 years, the company has been committed to providing telecom equipment manufacturers, telecom value-added service system integrators and telecom value-added service operators with first-class software and hardware development platforms, scheme consulting and professional services, and ensuring 7 * 24 hours of perfect after-sales service

in addition to traditional boards such as high-density voice, fax, conference, IP, SS7, the company's products also include signaling, media (any to any) (certified by Avaya, Genesys, Microsoft lync and other overseas manufacturers), SBC and media service products. The media service software XMS integrates googl2 The tensile speed should be lower than that during brittle ductile transition e webrtc technology. Sangoma's IPPBX product and Qingyun's enterprise server product. At the same time, for 4G and 5g applications, we have launched vidyo SDK video capability products, which can realize video conferencing, video multi-party connection system, dual teacher classroom, remote law enforcement, telemedicine, video call center, etc.:

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