How XCMG gets on the fast train of new infrastruct

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How can XCMG catch the fast train of new infrastructure construction in breaking the Bureau of intelligent manufacturing

how can XCMG catch the fast train of the new infrastructure

China Construction machinery information

research shows that every 1 percentage point increase in infrastructure growth will drive GDP growth by about 0.11 percentage points, which plays an important role in supporting and promoting national construction and economic development

as the year 2020 marks the end of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and the 13th five year plan, how will it "leave the old and welcome the new" and kick off the manufacturing of new infrastructure

the state said on April 1 that it should seize the opportunities given by industrial digitalization and digital industrialization to speed up the construction of 5g networks, data centers and other new infrastructure. Among them, industrial interconnection, as the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and traditional manufacturing industry, has the advantages of interconnection of all things, information convergence, remote collaboration and remote services

"after decades of development, China's traditional manufacturing industry has come to the transition from 'high-speed development' to 'high-quality development' and from 'manufacturing' to 'intelligent manufacturing'." Zhangqiliang, general manager of XCMG information, told Xinhua Finance client

since the outbreak of the epidemic, XCMG has taken urgent action to give full play to the advantages of Hanyun industrial Internet platform and made its own contributions to epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production and work

at the same time, facing the problems of how to catch the new infrastructure express in the future, seize the air and break the situation of intelligent manufacturing, Zhang Qiliang frankly said that the new infrastructure is not simply to stimulate investment, but to help traditional industries realize digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading, and create more new consumption, new manufacturing and new services

"taking industrial interconnection as an example, it empowers small and medium-sized enterprises by upgrading production mode, strengthening supply chain control, improving financing capacity and sharing R & D resources, and finally runs up small and medium-sized enterprises to realize digital upgrading."

before the arrival of tuyere, the most influential contestants have stood on the new "starting line"

XCMG is the first batch of "pathfinders" in the field of industrial interconnection in China

around 2010, China is in full swing promoting the construction of "integration of informatization and industrialization" with the integration of informatization and industrialization as the core; The construction of industrial interconnection with intelligence as its ultimate mission has not yet entered the practice radius of industrial enterprises and information technology enterprises

however, in Europe, advanced manufacturing countries represented by Germany have begun to embark on an industrial development path with intelligent manufacturing as the key. In 2010, Germany released the "German high technology 2020 strategy"; In November, 2011, "industry 4.0" was adopted by the German government as one of the "future plans"; At the 2013 Hannover Industrial Expo, the concept and plan of "industry 4.0" was officially released by the German government, depicting the future vision of the manufacturing industry

time waits for no man. Zhang Qiliang, who was sent to Europe to study, immediately set up two project teams with his team - Industrial IOT and intelligent manufacturing, with the goal of integrating Internet and industry to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, optimize the industrial chain, and establish a new industrial scene

however, how to integrate and interconnect? Even for XCMG, a leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturing enterprise, the field of industrial interconnection is still a new challenge

"at that time, we didn't completely know how to do it, but the only thing we were sure was that we would no longer do traditional businesses such as ERP and CRM, and we needed to open a new 'starting line' ourselves." XCMG information explains this

in the global trend of industry 4.0, this giant in the field of engineering machinery leading the development of rail welding material processing technology has turned rapidly - when the concept of industrial interconnection is not known to many people, XCMG, as one of the most "important" contestants, has stood in front of this new "starting line"

in 2014, XCMG information was incubated in XCMG and officially established, which has also become an important symbol of XCMG's transformation towards digitalization, networking and intelligence

XCMG information independently developed Hanyun industrial interconnection platform in 2016, which has become one of the top ten cross industry and cross domain industrial interconnection platforms at the national level. It has strong equipment connection, data acquisition and edge computing capabilities. The platform can aggregate, manage and analyze massive industrial data, provide industrial mechanism models, application development and data visualization, and can easily realize the rapid development of industrial apps, Meet the needs of various industrial scenarios and effectively help enterprises' digital transformation

in 2015, "new infrastructure" began to be mentioned by the government; Officially written into the government work report in 2019; In the first quarter of this year, the central government and the Ministry of industry and information technology intensively "shouted" to speed up the construction of new infrastructure. Subsequently, provinces successively released investment plans for new infrastructure construction projects this year, and the "new infrastructure" was completely ignited

from "tiegongji" to "new infrastructure", the industrial interconnection fund provides customers with a spray free scheme specially developed for the household appliance industry to promote high-quality economic development

in the past, the traditional infrastructure represented by railways, highways, etc., is often referred to as "tiegongji", which is exogenous to the industry. Nowadays, the new infrastructure represented by 5g infrastructure, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection, etc. is pregnant with new momentum to promote the economy towards high-quality development

XCMG information provided such a solution to the "sudden" upsurge of new infrastructure

first of all, 2020 is the closing year of the 13th five year plan. In the past, China's manufacturing industry was "big" rather than "strong". Therefore, China must consider using new technology to complete the upgrading of industry 4.0. The proposal of "new infrastructure" is not only the necessity of historical development, but also a strategic decision made by the country on the basis of a deep insight and grasp of the general trend of world science and technology and industrial changes

secondly, the outbreak of COVID-19 at the end of 2019 has accelerated the acceleration of data intelligence and network collaboration, which has pushed China's manufacturing industry to the crossroads of high-quality transformation, and industrial interconnection is like an "invisible hand", pushing enterprises to "change"

finally, affected by the epidemic, many enterprises can't resume production, so entrepreneurs began to realize that they can't rely on "people" to ensure stable production. Intelligent production lines and "cloud" decisions can integrate upstream and downstream industrial chains and reduce risks. Industrial interconnection is an important platform to connect the upstream and downstream industrial chains

under the guidance of the market and the government, should we "cross-border" or "deep plough"

different from the traditional infrastructure dominated by local governments, the natural technicality and foresight of the new infrastructure determines that it is directly coupled with the market demand

in the face of the complex and volatile international economic situation and the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, how should non-ferrous metal enterprises that play a leading role in this round of infrastructure design the road to the implementation of "new infrastructure"

XCMG, as the first group of "pathfinders", gave its answer

the needs of each industry are different. At first, we provided customized services for different enterprises. The efficiency is low, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains cannot be completed, and the development will encounter bottlenecks. XCMG information will take back its vision from "cross-border", focus on the vertical fields of the industrial industry and its upstream and downstream, deepen and penetrate, build an ecosystem, and help the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry

in November 2019, XCMG and China Unicom signed a 5g (Intelligent Manufacturing) smart factory and IOT strategic cooperation agreement

it is worth mentioning that on the same day, XCMG information also signed a business cooperation framework agreement with Jiangsu Unicom, focusing on the industrial manufacturing field, jointly providing services based on Hanyun industrial interconnection platform, promoting the research of end-to-end solutions, and creating an industrial interconnection ecosystem in the industrial manufacturing field

Xinhua Finance client learned that in the future, XCMG and China Unicom will jointly prepare to establish a 5g joint laboratory, "Hanyun + Unicom 5g" will provide a new application "Hanyun mode" for the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and the industrial field

"within 10 years, China's industrial interconnection may enter the forefront of the world, during which enterprises will face 'four major problems'

the good sword period is broken, and the good sword period is uncertain; A good horse is expected to be thousands of miles away, but it is not expected to be brave

how to keep the concept of "new infrastructure" from floating on the concept and Practice on the surface has been put forward by a number of "pragmatic" enterprises

the development of new infrastructure may encounter "four major problems"

first of all, in the thinking and cognition of traditional manufacturing entrepreneurs, "new infrastructure" is still a new thing, and whether the application value can be reflected is still unknown. Therefore, most of them are still in a wait-and-see state, and do not want or do not know how to "test the water"

secondly, the division of data ownership is still relatively vague, and the country has not issued corresponding laws and regulations. If there will be large-scale links and sharing of data in the future, there will be disputes over ownership and use rights

thirdly, at present, the industrial interconnection platform mainly promotes the "public cloud" mode, and the related equipment will be connected to the data platform. Therefore, data security has become an issue that must be considered to ensure the good operation of the network system

finally, the beginning of the epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to many enterprises, especially small, medium-sized and micro industrial enterprises. It is necessary to consider "living" before considering new infrastructure. Therefore, many enterprises dare not invest in emerging fields without funds

"however, we should always have a positive attitude. To sum up, the selection skills and key points of the pressure shear experimental machine. I believe that the new infrastructure will have preliminary results in the next three years, and the 5g base station will be basically completed in five years." Zhang Qiliang predicted that the development and construction cycle of industrial interconnection may be a little longer

challenges and opportunities coexist. The three words "forget", "gather" and "combine" are used to summarize the rules that enterprises in the future should follow in the intelligent society - "forget" means to forget the past success and continue to innovate and move forward; "Gathering" means gathering upstream and downstream industrial chains to form a strong aggregation ecosystem, one strong and one strong; "Integration", the integration of industrial enterprises and information technology, enterprises can continue to grow and go further

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