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HSE management during the transformation of gasoline hydrogenation unit

in April 2004, Shijiazhuang refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. 100 × The 104t/a gasoline and diesel hydrofining unit was successfully started and put into operation. Since the hydrogenation unit has fully met the production task, the company decided to replace the original 60 × The 104t/a hydrogenation unit was transformed into a catalytic heavy gasoline selective hydrodesulfurization unit. The device has good stability and can handle heavy gasoline 32 after successful transformation × 104t/A, the sulfur content of gasoline after treatment will be greatly reduced, which can fully meet the quality standard of Euro II. It is an environmental protection transformation project

in order to make the whole reconstruction project complete safely and on schedule, we have carried out HSE management. By using hazard identification, risk assessment and environmental factor identification in advance, we can identify the hazard sources with high risk and important environmental factors in the reconstruction construction process, and formulate corresponding safety measures. The microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by StarTech is mainly composed of loading mechanism and force measuring system, It ensures the construction safety in the process of device transformation

according to the requirements of the process, the process after this transformation is basically unchanged, and an emergency shutdown control system ESD is added. The central control room and DCS control system remain unchanged. The original instruments need to be updated, and their models are consistent with the past. Most of the main equipment are used. These equipment must be inspected in accordance with the requirements of the inspection code for pressure vessels in use, and can be used only after meeting the requirements. Due to the change of operating conditions, this time, a new heavy gasoline product is mainly used for various pipe water coolers (e-take you to see the impact toughness 305 of the pendulum impact tester), a raw material pump (pump 301/3) is added, the original control valve and hand valve control are changed to fully automatic control, the process pipeline is changed accordingly, and the catalyst is replaced. This project has frequent cross operations of hoisting and hot work, with many workers participating in the operation, and is adjacent to the 100 in operation in the West × 104t/a hydrogenation unit, 100% of its stabilization system, sulfur-containing sewage line, gasoline line, unqualified gasoline line, sewage line, high and low pressure sour gas line, vent line and circulating water line × The 104t/a hydrogenation unit is in use, which brings great difficulties to the safe production and construction of the operating unit

in the early stage of construction, we followed the principles of scientificity, systematization, comprehensiveness and practicality to identify the hazards and environmental factors in the process of PSA device removal and recovery. The evaluators identified the hazards as comprehensively as possible to ensure construction safety, and adopted JHA (job hazard analysis form) from four aspects: unsafe state of objects, unsafe behavior of people, harmful working environment and management defects SCL (Safety Checklist) and environmental factor identification and analysis method respectively conduct a detailed and comprehensive analysis on the specific operation activities, equipment and facilities, environmental factors, etc. of the construction, so as to take measures to eliminate hazards, ensure the safe construction of the device transformation and the smooth operation of the operating device, and effectively avoid the pollution to the environment

32 × The main large-scale operations of the 104t/a gasoline hydrogenation unit reconstruction project include: hot work, hoisting operation, ground breaking operation, and container entry operation. We use the combination of job hazard analysis form and safety checklist to identify hazard sources. See Table 1 for the specific results

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