Three key points of electronic channel development

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Analysis of three key points of electronic channel development and service specification in the communication industry

due to the characteristics of time-saving, labor-saving, anytime, anywhere, easy access and easy use of electronic channels, major operators have increased the construction of electronic channels represented by the above business hall in recent years. The application and functions of electronic channels have been gradually improved, and have developed into the mainstream channel for interaction and communication between operators and customers. At present, the proportion of business volume of electronic channels in the overall business volume continues to increase, and the diversion proportion of some businesses with less difficulty in self-service operation of customers has reached 60%

first, the business capacity of sub channels is enhanced, and the transformation of e-commerce has become a trend.

in recent years, major operators have always attached great importance to the construction of electronic channels, constantly optimizing the page layout and further improving business functions. Since the beginning of this year, the three major operators have explored the revision of their respective electronic channels such as the business hall, especially China Telecom and China Unicom. The revised business hall page is more concise and the sales function is more prominent

take China Unicom as an example, the Unicom business hall has added new functions such as on-site search and shopping guide. At present, it can undertake the one-stop services such as on-site purchase, entry and distribution of most of Unicom's popular customized versions. At the same time, China Unicom is also expanding its payment methods and reducing the payment threshold. China Unicom recently reached a cooperation agreement with the third-party payment company kuaixian to access a variety of comprehensive electronic payment solutions, which can not only effectively expand the electronic payment function of the upper business hall and improve user service perception, but also realize B2C business operation, and then expand to the B2B and C2C payment fields, and finally lead the transformation of electronic channels to e-commerce until the test pieces are crushed. Chinatelecom is also actively exploring the transformation of electronic channels. Recently, Shandong Telecom has started the contracting of electronic channels for internal employees. The electronic channels in the charge of the contractors are mainly Shandong Telecom's own mall, Taobao store and social e-commerce agents, which sell all kinds of telecom products and services, packages and terminals respectively. If operators want to transform from basic network operators to integrated information service providers, they need to leverage third-party resources to strengthen their Internet service capabilities in the future. Operators have not only defined e-channel as a new sales channel, but also e-commerce, which should include all functions of consultation, sales, service, inquiry and even industry solutions

at present, electronic channels can provide customers with 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour, 24-hour Efficient service demand. Now I pay my phone bill in the upper business hall. I can do it by sitting in front of the computer. Even the iphone4s I use is also purchased in the upper business hall, which is very convenient. Colleagues say so

second, functional improvement and transformation bring higher requirements to the standardization of electronic channel services

with the continuous improvement and transformation of electronic channels, on the one hand, the service forms are constantly enriched and expanded, and all operators are making every effort to build a three-dimensional multi-functional channel service system, such as stations, SMS, WAP, self-service terminals, clients, etc; On the other hand, business functions are increasingly complex and diverse. At present, electronic channels can realize the business service functions carried by most physical business offices. In the future, there will be many service innovations combined with the characteristics of mobile Internet. The system carries more and more customers, and customers have higher and higher expectations for relevant services in terms of response speed, convenience and personalization, which makes the operation and management of electronic channel services face greater challenges, especially in terms of service standardization

from the service quality monitoring of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the satisfaction score of the business hall in the second quarter of this year was 84.4, and the overall level of satisfaction was not high. Customers were mainly dissatisfied with the slow response to the station and the complex operation. From the perspective of customer complaints, they mainly focus on the aspects that affect the rights and interests of customers, such as the untimely recharge and payment, the inability to log in to the business hall, the inability to change the password due to the failure to receive the verification code, the inconsistency between the information obtained by customers in the business hall and other channels, the inconsistency between the actual package when ordering the number in the business hall and the package selected by customers, such as the package of 1 ton or more, and the untimely delivery of products ordered in the business hall

these service problems can be divided into two categories: one is the normative problem of business handling, which is the same as that faced by traditional channels, and is related to the design of the content and rules of the product itself. The channel is only a platform window for the centralized reaction of these contradictions and disputes. As the proportion of inquiry, payment, business customization, consultation and complaint, product sales and other businesses handled through electronic channels is increasing, electronic channel services are more and more carrying these business functions, resulting in the centralized reflection of these disputes and contradictions in the channel; The other is the friendliness of the service interface, which will mainly spread in Sichuan and Jiangxi and become the catalyst for the deterioration of the contradiction. The effectiveness of website page response time, page design, and operation process delivered to customers through channel services can have an impact on customers' perception, and will also become an important influencing factor for the resolution or deterioration of these contradictions and disputes. Therefore, the key link of electronic channel service management is conducive to the resolution of contradictions. In the process of electronic channel service management, operators need to clearly restrict and stipulate the key links that are easy to cause contradictions and disputes and damage the rights and interests of customers, such as information prompts, explicit agreements and record retention, so as to reduce contradictions and disputes. They also need to issue necessary guidance on Service interfaces and business operation processes, improve service levels and promote the effective resolution of contradictions

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