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At present, the pilot scope of power auxiliary services continues to expand, and a fair, transparent, and competitive market-oriented auxiliary service sharing and sharing mechanism is taking shape. Energy storage equipment, demand side resources, and third parties are encouraged to participate in the provision of power auxiliary services, which brings benefits to new energy consumption, power market transactions, and the development of emerging industries. Some experts also believe that China's power auxiliary service market is still being explored step by step, and the pricing and trading mechanism is not perfect. Many engine enterprises that control the operation of mechanical components by electromechanical control have a wait-and-see mood. They must adhere to market-oriented reform, summarize and improve relevant norms, and further promote the optimal allocation of power resources

the pilot of electric power auxiliary service has accelerated the expansion.

after more than five months of preparation and construction, the trial operation of Ningxia electric power auxiliary service market has been officially launched recently, marking that the reform of Ningxia electric power system and the construction of electric power market have entered a new stage, which has played a positive role in promoting the consumption of new energy, the trading of electric power market and the development of emerging industries

it is understood that as the first comprehensive demonstration area of new energy in China, Ningxia has developed rapidly in recent years. Up to now, the installed capacity has reached 15.96 million KW, including 9.76 million kw of wind power and 6.2 million kw of photovoltaic power, accounting for 40% of the total installed capacity. The pressure of peak load regulation has increased year by year

in December last year, the National Energy Administration officially approved the pilot work of Ningxia auxiliary service market, requiring to effectively promote the consumption of clean energy electricity in response to the "three discards" problem, and effectively supervise the implementation of market rules, market access, market power, trading behavior, etc. by dispatching and trading institutions, so as to ensure the standardized and orderly operation of the market, and establish a fair and transparent A market-oriented auxiliary service sharing and sharing mechanism with orderly competition

Huang Shaozhong, director of the northwest regulatory bureau of the national energy administration, said that after the operation of Ningxia electric power auxiliary service market, the system's ability to absorb new energy electricity will be effectively improved. It is preliminarily estimated that the peak shaving capacity of the system can be increased by about 1.3 million KW at the initial stage of the market, further promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in Ningxia electric power industry. At the same time, it will also improve the safe and stable operation level of Ningxia power system, reduce the pressure of peak load regulation, effectively alleviate the contradiction between heat and electricity in winter, further improve the profit model of power generation enterprises, improve the market awareness and game ability of power market players, and lay a good foundation for the next step to promote the spot power market

since this year, all provinces and regions in China have actively promoted the construction of auxiliary service market. According to the work plan for improving the compensation (market) mechanism of electric power auxiliary services issued by the National Energy Administration in November 2017, the compensation (market) work of electric power auxiliary services in China is implemented in three stages. The first stage (2017-2018): improve the existing relevant rules and provisions, implement the relevant requirements of the current relevant documents, strengthen supervision and inspection, and ensure fairness. The second stage (2018-2019): explore the establishment of power users involved in medium and long-term power transactions to participate in the sharing mechanism of power auxiliary services. The third stage (2019-2020): cooperate with the spot trading pilot to carry out the construction of power auxiliary service market

up to now, the state has approved northeast, Fujian, Shandong, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Guangdong, Gansu and other places to carry out the pilot work of auxiliary service market construction. The Northeast auxiliary service market has been officially operated for more than two years, Shandong, Fujian and other markets have also entered the trial operation work, and Gansu officially opened on April 1 this year

recently, the East China Energy Regulatory Bureau held a special meeting, proposing that the next step will be to continue to promote the construction of the power auxiliary service market in East China and Shanghai, further improve the market-oriented trading mechanism, and ensure the smooth start of the power auxiliary service market in East China and Shanghai

the total compensation in the last three quarters of last year exceeded 9.4 billion yuan

ceramics is a famous auxiliary service market in Guangzhou in the South and Zibo in the north. The construction of the market is an important part of the power market reform. It refers to the services provided by combining generator units, adjustable loads or electric energy storage devices to smoothly and stably adjust the output of the unit or change the operating state of the unit or adjust the load according to the demand of peak load regulation

China's power auxiliary service market began in 2006, and the former State Electricity Regulatory Commission issued the Interim Measures for the administration of auxiliary services of concurrent power plants in November of that year. In 2014, the national energy administration also issued the notice on actively promoting the construction of the compensation mechanism for cross provincial and cross regional power auxiliary services, which included the cross provincial and cross regional trading electricity into the scope of the compensation mechanism for power auxiliary services

in recent years, China's overall power supply capacity is surplus, the utilization hours of coal-fired power units are gradually declining, and problems such as wind, light, water, nuclear limitation and system peak shaving, and electric heating contradictions in heating seasons are prominent in some areas. Part of the previous compensation methods for power auxiliary services have been difficult to meet the actual needs

to this end, the National Energy Administration issued the "work plan for improving the compensation (market) mechanism of electric power auxiliary services", which proposed to realize the full coverage of electric power auxiliary services compensation projects, encourage the use of competition to determine the units responsible for electric power auxiliary services, encourage energy storage equipment and demand side resources to participate in the provision of electric power auxiliary services, and allow third parties to participate in the provision of electric power auxiliary services

the recently released "Notice of the comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on the situation of power auxiliary services in the fourth quarter of 2017" shows that in the fourth quarter of 2017, a total of 3123 power generation enterprises in 30 provinces (districts, cities and regions) except Tibet and Mengxi participated in the compensation of power auxiliary services, with a total installed capacity of 1.163 billion kw and a total compensation cost of 3.518 billion yuan, accounting for 0.81% of the total electricity charge

according to previous relevant reports, the number of power generation enterprises involved in power auxiliary service compensation in the second and third quarters of 2017 was 2725 and 2972 respectively, and the compensation fees were 2.819 billion yuan and 3.099 billion yuan, accounting for 0.76% and 0.72% of the total electricity charges respectively

economic information daily noted that while the total compensation cost has increased, the performance of different regions has also changed. In the last three quarters of 2017, the highest compensation cost has always been the northwest region, followed by the northeast and South regions, ranking second and third in the fourth quarter

in addition, from the perspective of structure, peak shaving compensation, automatic generation control and standby compensation costs account for more than 90% of the total compensation costs. However, the compensation cost structure of each region also has its own obvious characteristics. Taking the situation in the fourth quarter of 2017 as an example, the peak shaving compensation is the highest in Northwest and Northeast China, the automatic generation control compensation is the highest in Northwest and North China, and the standby compensation is the highest in Northwest and South China. On the whole, the compensation for auxiliary services in the northwest region is the largest

new energy, energy storage, etc. meet development opportunities

the accelerated development of China's power auxiliary service market will provide good development opportunities for the development of new energy, energy storage and other industries

Hu Yi, an analyst at Huachuang securities, said that the improvement of power flexibility is the core of promoting the consumption of new energy, and power auxiliary services is one of the means to improve power flexibility. Peak shaving, standby and other capabilities in power auxiliary services are crucial to the consumption of new energy generation. "By comparing the compensation of Xinjiang electric power service auxiliary services in October of 2015, 2016 and 2017, it is found that the adjustment workload of Xinjiang electric power auxiliary services has promoted the decline of wind and light rejection rate."

according to the data of the national energy administration, the utilization rate of renewable energy in China increased significantly in the first quarter of this year, and there was basically no abandoned water in the country; The wind abandonment rate was 8.5%, a year-on-year decrease of 8 percentage points; The light rejection rate was 4.3%, a year-on-year decrease of 5.4 percentage points

Hu Yi believes that the start of China's power auxiliary service market will lay the foundation for the medium and long-term market space of new energy installation, and the medium and long-term market space of new energy related enterprises will be guaranteed. On the other hand, the business model of large-scale energy storage participating in electricity will be enriched, and the rate of return on investment is also likely to be further improved.

the guiding opinions on improving the regulation capacity of the power system issued in March this year clearly stipulates that in areas with large demand for peak shaving and frequency modulation and prominent wind and light abandonment, combined with the construction progress of the auxiliary service market of the power system, a number of new centralized energy storage power stations with an installed capacity of more than 10000 kW will be built, Five hundred megawatt electrochemical energy storage power station demonstration projects will be deployed in the "Three North" region

Hu Yi believes that power auxiliary service is the institutional basis for energy storage to participate in power regulation, which can highlight its economic value more than the simple price difference arbitrage model. For example, the new version of the auxiliary service document of southern power separately lists the detailed rules for the implementation of the operation management and auxiliary services of electrochemical energy storage power stations in the southern region (Trial), which stipulates that: the charging behavior of the energy storage power station according to the instructions of the dispatching agency will be compensated by 0.5 yuan/kwh according to the peak shaving service. In addition, in the transaction reform of auxiliary service markets in Xinjiang, Gansu, Northeast China, Fujian and other regions, electric energy storage has been given an independent status, which can participate in peak shaving services, and 0 At the upper and lower limits of the quotation of about 2 yuan, the economy of energy storage began to be highlighted. Auxiliary services will become a breakthrough for large-scale energy storage to participate in power regulation

however, yuzhenhua, executive vice president of Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance, also pointed out in an interview that at present, China's auxiliary service market is still in the exploration period, the pricing and trading mechanism of power auxiliary services in various local policies have not been improved, and many energy storage enterprises planning to participate in auxiliary services have a wait-and-see attitude. In addition, the projects that have been put into operation in some regions have the problem of slow payment collection. Many energy storage enterprises have penetrated into various fields of social life such as agriculture, industry, national defense, construction, daily use, medical treatment, aerospace and so on through China's plastic products industry. Zhuwenwei, vice president of the Standing Committee of the processing industry association, believes that there is pressure

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