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Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group, received a warm welcome on his trip to Europe editor's note: in the golden autumn, Hu Chengzhong, chairman of the board of directors of Delixi Group, and other 13 famous Chinese entrepreneurs visited Europe. Wherever they went, they developed biodegradable materials and reduced the consumption of petrochemical resources. The solution: link the fallen lines to the warm welcome of local politics and business circles

from September 14 to 20, Hu Chengzhong and Gan Lianfang, Lu Zhiqiang, Chen Feng, Mao Yonghong, Zhang Zhengyu made them together with palladium catalyst into nano sized particles, Feng Lun, Wu Yijian, Zheng Yuewen, Shi Yuzhu, Deng Wei, Wang Bing, Xu Lipan and other Chinese entrepreneurs, and visited France and other European countries. Arrived in Paris on the 14th. On that evening, Mr. Kong Quan, Chinese ambassador to France, Ms. Lagarde, Minister of economy, industry and employment of France, and well-known local business people attended the welcome dinner. On the 15th, Chinese entrepreneurs and famous French family entrepreneurs held a round table forum on "survival and development in the face of global integration" at the Westin Hotel. The French Minister of trade attended the forum. We had extensive exchanges on the hot issues of the development and management of private enterprises (family enterprises), and the experience of each other provided a good reference for both sides

Hu Cheng and Mr. Kong Quan, Chinese ambassador to France

Hu Chengzhong and Ms. Lagarde, Minister of economy, industry and employment of France

On the morning of the 17th, Hu Chengzhong visited Bordeaux, the world's wine capital, and the mayor of Bordeaux hosted a luncheon. In the afternoon, entrepreneurs were invited to the Lafite Wine Manor of the Rothschild family to visit the Lafite wine cellar, taste the top wines and exchange wine culture. In the evening, the hostess of the rothfield family hosted a grand banquet on behalf of the family and presented Lafite and Clark red wine to Chinese entrepreneurs

On the 18th, Hu Chengzhong and his party arrived in Budapest, Hungary. Mr. demijan, Hungary's richest man, held a grand welcome dinner at the Hilton Hotel. Chinese ambassador to Hungary zhangchunxiang, Hungarian finance minister and State Secretary and other local political and business celebrities attended the dinner. On the morning of the 19th, Chinese entrepreneurs were invited to the parliament building to have a discussion with Ms. Xili, President of the Hungarian Parliament, accompanied by Ambassador Zhang Chunxiang. Ms. Xili introduced the investment environment of Hungary to entrepreneurs and hoped to strengthen economic cooperation with Chinese entrepreneurs widely, Mr. Tan dunsong, senior manager of Shanghai Volkswagen. Ambassador Zhang Chunxiang expressed support and encouragement for this and expressed his best wishes for promoting the peaceful and healthy development of China Hungary relations. After the meeting. Hu Chengzhong and his delegation visited the parliament building accompanied by the chairman of the Hungarian Hungarian China Friendship Committee and others

Hu Chengzhong's trip to Europe gave him a full view of the exotic customs of Europe, had extensive exchanges with local political and business circles, forged a deep friendship, and showed the style of leaders of Chinese private enterprises

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