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Thousand people summit, elite dialogue, 2021 ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition is ready

thousand people summit, elite dialogue, 2021 ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition is ready

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medical devices, 5g, 3C electronics, new energy, lithium batteries, precision molds According to science and technology, the output value of global intelligent manufacturing will exceed US $1.5 trillion in 2022. In the trillion scale, which is the blue ocean market we must not miss

2021 Xinqi, in order to help manufacturing enterprises explore markets, explore business opportunities and understand the future, ites Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition specially plans a new exhibition mode of "Exhibition + conference + Exhibition", which links the upstream and downstream of vertical industries and promotes enterprises to achieve effective communication. Please follow four groups of interesting numbers to open a new chapter of 2021 ites

five thousand people industry summit

medical devices, electronic manufacturing, battery industry, mold processing

2021 ites Shenzhen industry exhibition will unite various associations and enterprise forces to create a new five thousand people industry summit, focusing on the "medical devices, electronic manufacturing, battery industry, mold processing" industry, upstream and downstream of the chain industry, and deeply analyze the market and technology application

medical devices

in 2020, the second China Medical Device Industry Development Forum, aiming at the post war medical association market, shared the road of post epidemic medical development with thousands of audiences upstream and downstream of the medical device industry chain

in 2021, ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition will continue to work with Shenzhen medical device industry association and China medical device and equipment association to have a 6.5mm diameter middle longitudinal hole, continue to build the third China Medical Device Industry Development Forum, focus on high-end medical device manufacturing, and invite leading enterprises of medical devices such as United image medical, Siemens Medical, Hongda medical to share the application cases of Intelligent Manufacturing in the medical device industry

electronic manufacturing

since April 2020, ites people have conducted a large number of field visits and Research on the audience of 3C and top enterprises in the electronic industry chain, and learned that one of the most concerned topics of manufacturing enterprises at present is electronic manufacturing equipment and electronic components

in this regard, 2021 ites, together with global resources and world managers, strives to build a 1000 person electronic smart manufacturing industry summit, focusing on 5g and AI electronic applications, 5g IOT and electronic smart manufacturing, and cooperates with leading consumer electronics manufacturing enterprises such as Microsoft China, Foxconn, Topbond, Schott, Huada semiconductor, Xinsong robot, Siemens China to explore cutting-edge applications and innovative technologies of electronic intelligence

battery industry

in the new energy battery industry with a hot market, lithium battery application and power battery cost reduction and efficiency increase are one of the hot topics among the audience of ites community. In the audience's voice, 2021 ites will cooperate with Guangdong battery industry association and power battery to launch the 2021 China (Shenzhen) International Battery Technology Summit Forum, and strongly invite upstream and downstream professionals such as new energy benchmark enterprises and battery leading enterprises to have a dialogue on the application of new energy batteries, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and discuss the battery industry with authorities

1 be careful when using this. In addition, ites will focus on advantageous industries in South China and open the annual 1000 person Conference; Integrate the mold Market in South China, link ites mold enterprises and market resources, and create a mold exchange conference. In the follow-up, Tesco will go deep into the forefront of the meeting and broadcast the blockbuster meeting for you in real time. Please remember to stay at ites

50 + Manufacturing Symposium forum

new materials, new technologies, new applications

in addition to large-scale industry summits, the 2021 ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition will also focus on precision machining technology, sheet metal stamping, intelligent warehousing, machine vision, molds, mold materials, new materials, additive manufacturing, AGV and other hot topics, bringing 50 + boutique forums at the same time

2021 ites will continue the intelligent logistics topic of the Logistics Conference in December, unite with the China Mobile Robot (AGV) industry alliance, focus on the topic of "production line and logistics storage" that the audience pays attention to, and focus on the development of ceramic materials for ultra-thin liquid crystal glass substrates, high-purity ultra-fine alumina powder and transparent ceramics, silicon carbide bulletproof ceramics, silicon carbide honeycomb ceramics, high-purity silicon nitride powder, high-purity aluminum nitride powder, special ceramics and composite materials Functional or composite ceramic products such as solar tiles will discuss the latest development trend of intelligent logistics warehousing from the perspectives of logistics warehousing robots, unmanned forklift AGVs, intelligent sorting, logistics solutions, etc

with the popularization of intelligent manufacturing system, industrial machine vision technology has developed rapidly and is widely used in more and more industrial manufacturing fields. 2021 ites will focus on the topic of machine vision, and discuss its various applications in intelligent manufacturing around the technical characteristics and development prospects of the new generation of machine vision

60 + industry elite dialogues

12 + industrial technology guide routes

around the new exhibition mode of "Exhibition + conference + Exhibition", 2021 ites will focus on building a new industrial technology guide group activity, closely focusing on the needs of key application industries - Planning high-quality guide routes such as "medical devices, molds, new energy, 3C electronic intelligent manufacturing, automation" to help visitors watch the exhibition in a time-saving, labor-saving, relaxed and efficient manner, Find practical and effective application solutions

in addition, in order to achieve real "effective communication", the finished products made by 2021 it can reduce the final weight by 20%. During the ES exhibition, a "smart guest room" live broadcast room will be built to invite middle and high-level enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to have on-site dialogues and live broadcasts around metal cutting, metal forming, intelligent manufacturing, industrial parts, industrial measurement and other sectors

to learn more about the latest trends in manufacturing, come to Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an new hall) from March 30 to April 2. More highlights are waiting for you to explore. Now pre register and register for the conference immediately, and the admission fee of 50 yuan will be reduced within a limited time

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