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Embarrassment of Chinese garment enterprises (I): crude copper, copper powder, black copper, cast copper and copper alloy, copper powder, copper foil, printed circuit board and other countries' garment industry is the most vast and complex industry. China's more than a billion people have brought a huge market, and people at different consumption levels have provided development space for different grades of clothing. The clothing industry is a labor-intensive enterprise, with low scientific and technological content, relatively low access threshold, and easy capital intervention. Therefore, large listed companies, clothing group enterprises, and small family workshops with several locomotives can get their share in the market. The competition in the clothing industry is extremely fierce, but the serious homogenization of the industry characteristics determines that the competition in the clothing industry can only stay at a lower level. Many clothing enterprises have beautiful appearance, neat and beautiful stores, distinct image, increasingly high brand awareness, and considerable profits. However, behind Chinese garment enterprises, every family has a difficult experience and unspeakable pain. They are generally facing common resistance and embarrassment in epidemic prevention and control

One of the embarrassments: inventory

clothing business owners often say that what they earn in a year is in the warehouse

usually, the larger the enterprise is, the larger the warehouse is. The sales volume has doubled, but the working capital on the book has not increased much. After years of hard accumulation, it has gone to the warehouse, which is the most common phenomenon in garment enterprises. Generally, enterprises have finished product warehouses, raw material warehouses, and the number of larger enterprises plus the warehouses of branches and offices, agent warehouses, dealer warehouses, and light warehouses is no longer a small number. Those with backward management don't even know how much valuable goods and materials are in their warehouse

the thermal underwear industry enjoyed great success in the past few years, and then there was the collective diving, and then the industry almost collapsed as a whole. Why did it dive so quickly? Because the market capacity is limited, the products cannot be sold, and there is too much inventory backlog. It is a large-scale fine testing instrument that gives full play to the respective expertise of the motor. For most manufacturers, not diving is definitely dead. Diving may die a little slower, and at least recover part of the capital. Therefore, once a brand ignites the fuse, the price war will immediately become uncontrollable. Don't you see that leading brands in the thermal underwear industry such as Antarctica and Yu Zhaolin are still selling their inventories of previous years everywhere this year

the casual wear market has grown rapidly in recent years. It is said that Guangzhou Beijing road alone has more than 100 million casual wear sales in a year, and leading brands such as Bani Road, Giordano, cy have opened large flagship stores there. Shaxi, Zhongshan, has also become a nationally renowned leisure clothing production base. Shaxi, a well-known leisure clothing manufacturer, had sales of more than 100 million in 2001, and its warehouse inventory reached more than 100 million, almost the same as sales. Do you think the manufacturer is sad. Casual wear is very popular. 1. The working environment of spring fatigue testing machine is sharp, so it will be updated and eliminated quickly, and a lot of inventory will be brought if you are not careful. For example, Barney road and Giordano on Guangzhou Beijing road often see new products about 80 or 90 yuan when they are on the market, and they often have crazy sales of 19 or 29 yuan a piece when the season changes, and buyers gather. The manufacturer conducts a sale for the purpose of handling inventory and withdrawing funds. And what is the result of the sale? Consumers have serious doubts about the brand's price system. A few years ago, according to the survey, Giordano is still a famous clothing brand in the eyes of consumers. Now, how many people will be proud of wearing Giordano

men's wear products such as suits and shirts are relatively slow to change in style, and it seems that the risk of obsolescence is relatively small. But you only need to look at the products of Shanshan, Youngor and other giants in many special stores a few years ago, and you will know how much inventory pressure they are facing. Now smart consumers usually choose to buy shirts at the turn of the season, because at that time, there are bound to be many brands that will discount for inventory

women's wear is more difficult. Women's wear styles and fabrics are updated quickly, and no female consumer wants to fall behind. Women's clothing enterprises can't sell their products, and it will be difficult to deal with them in the next year. The overstocked products are piled up in the warehouse for longer and more. This is also the main reason that restricts the development of Chinese women's wear and the lack of big brands. It's hard for anyone to list oneortwo well-known national brands of women's clothing at will. At best, larger women's wear brands only have a certain leading position in some regions

underwear enterprises that make bras are even more burdened by inventory. Bra products have a long ordering and production cycle, and they must be predictable and forward-looking to the market. However, no one can guarantee that their vision is 100% accurate. If the product inventory is insufficient, once it sells well, it will be out of stock. If they go to make up orders and produce, they will miss the market, but once some products are unsalable, they will inevitably exchange for a large amount of inventory. In 2002, a large underwear enterprise in the South China Sea was on the verge of breaking its capital chain because of its rapid development and excessive inventory. Raw material suppliers refused to supply, and a large number of workshop technicians were lost. It was almost closed

at present, garment enterprises are all burdened by inventory. How do enterprises deal with inventory and reduce risks in general

a boss said: when dealing with inventory, we should pay attention to the three words of "fast, ruthless and accurate". We should know that the recovered funds are the profits. Although there is some truth in this statement, there is another problem. How to deal with it? In today's serious overproduction, there are voices of discounts everywhere. It is often consensual to deal with inventory. Discount and reduce prices will inevitably affect the overall image of the brand and the price system, and reduce customers' loyalty to products. Don't discount. Clothing products are too easy to fall behind and become obsolete. If they are placed in the warehouse, they will only depreciate more and more, and finally become a pile of waste cloth. At present, the main methods for clothing enterprises to deal with inventory are:

first, set up special stores in large shopping malls. Or set up specialty stores

some major shopping malls in large and medium-sized cities generally set up special stores for special sales of some brands

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