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The annual quality drama "elite lawyer" will be broadcast, such as Xincheng's exclusive beauty instrument cooperative brand

December 16-17, 2019 peek is a kind of polyether ketone Paek, and the high-quality legal drama "elite lawyer" will hold its opening press conference in Beijing and Shanghai. At the press conference, director Liu Jin, chief screenwriter Chen Tong and the "elite lawyers" sent by Jin Dong, LAN Yingying, sun Chun, Tian Yu, Zhu Zhu Zhu and others all attended, igniting the enthusiasm of fans on the scene in the cold winter. As the exclusive beauty instrument cooperative brand of the show, nu skinruxin's "technological skin care elite group" - the golden ecosystem family also made an amazing appearance at the press conference, causing fans to compete for experience

the official poster of "elite lawyer"

the "elite lawyer" is a realistic urban drama created by Xinli media, the industry-leading film and television production agency, following "my first half of life". Magnolia Award for Best Director Director Liu Jin and gold screenwriter Chen Tong teamed up again to ensure the quality of the script; In the cast, in addition to the new CP strength led by Jin Dong and LAN Yingying, old dramas such as Tian Yu, Zhu Zhu, Liu mintao and Wu Junmei have spared no effort to help, as well as a group of strength factions such as Wang ou, Yuan Quan, Lei Jiayin and Ling Xiaosu have joined in friendship. The strong combination of "strength team + strong lineup" will surely bring a wonderful performance reward to the audience and set off a wave of elite topic upsurge at the end of the new year

almost strict details and adherence to the production concept of high-quality products are the insistence of all the front and back teams of elite lawyers on quality, which coincides with Nu skinruxin's pursuit of high quality. Nu Skin, which is deeply engaged in the field of home beauty and health, always adheres to the product concept of "gathering high-quality, pure and flawless", strives for perfection in scientific research and innovation, and pursues perfection in quality and safety. At the same time, under the premise of "6S quality measures", Nu Skin produces nutritional supplements with high standards, ensures the excellence of products through scientific demonstration, and provides consumers with high-quality scientific and technological anti-aging solutions

nu skinruxin as the exclusive beauty instrument cooperation brand of "elite lawyer"

it is understood that "elite lawyer" tells the story of legal practitioners represented by Luo Bin and Dai Xi, who pursue truth, goodness and beauty with their faith in law in the choice between love and law. Not only that, "elite lawyer" not only profoundly interprets the spirit of the times that the contemporary workplace has always been proactive 980.7 and constantly surpassing in order to pursue professional ideals and protect fairness and justice, but also shows the working and living conditions of the contemporary workplace elite in multiple dimensions: in their work, they are meticulous, keep improving, and always maintain a delicate external image; In life, they pay attention to, pursue refinement, and know how to "manage" themselves better. Even if they encounter setbacks in work and life, they are still strict with themselves at all times, and face work and life with the best state and the most exquisite appearance

"elite lawyer" press conference site Nu Skin golden ecosystem beauty instrument display

as the exclusive beauty instrument cooperation brand of "elite lawyer", Nu Skin Nu Skin was also very eye-catching at the press conference. The golden ecosystem family of Ruxin "science and technology skin care elite group" composed of ageLOC fitness spa, ageLOC beauty spa, ageLOC me, ageLOC lumispa, etc. made a stunning appearance at the press conference. It is understood that the reason why it is called the "golden ecosystem" is that this series of products can help consumers achieve a comprehensive scientific and technological skin care experience of skin rejuvenation in the morning and evening, skin care day and night, and anti-aging anti-aging week and week. In the full series of TV dramas, this series of products will all appear with the development of the plot, helping the career elites in "elite lawyer" maintain the refinement of daily life and bloom the brilliance in the workplace

The person in charge of Nu Skin brand said that he was full of expectations for this cooperation. "We are a brand that gives people the power to improve the quality of life. Through the wonderful interpretation of these strength groups, we see little persistence and efforts behind beauty and refinement. We should manage ourselves well at all times and meet every day in the best state". With the popularity of "elite lawyer", Nu Skin and "elite lawyer" will collide with more different sparks. The "golden ecosystem" will capture the use of composite materials in cars, mainly including the following categories: structural parts, body and body parts, lower parts of engine cover, more drama fans and actor fans of interior decoration parts. In the future, Nu Skin hopes to help more consumers improve their quality of life, foresee better themselves, become the "elite" in ordinary life, and start the elite life

it is reported that "elite lawyer" has been put on file. On December 20, "elite lawyer" will make a high-profile landing on Beijing Satellite TV and Oriental satellite TV, and will be officially launched on iqiyi and Tencent Tiebu sensitive video


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