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Teledyne e2v's Emerald 12m and 16m imaging sensors have entered the mass production stage

Hong Kong, China - media outreach - October 2018 - global imaging solutions technology innovation company under Teledyne technologies, Teledyne e2v announced that emerald 12m and 16m CMOS imaging sensors developed for optical testing and factory automation have now begun mass production and are subject to a large number of purchases

these two sensors belong to the emerald product series of Teledyne e2v company. They adopt the small-size 2.8 tensile machine transmission system, which has been used earlier in the market, including the low-noise global shutter pixel with reducer and ordinary belt m, and are produced in its Niigata factory (Niigata) using the 110 nanometer wafer manufacturing process of towerjazz (TSEM), a global leader in special manufacturing. This unique pixel structure provides cutting-edge performance, and although it is not out of tolerance in terms of indicators, the overall camera cost is reduced due to the small optical format

emerald 12m and 16m sensors provide customers with a series of unprecedented features, and are applicable to high-speed interface systems including USB 3.1 Gen.2, 10gige and camera link. Features include HDR mode with a dynamic range of up to 120dB, which allows a single high-resolution lens to capture a unique ROI mode of multiple images under different exposure conditions

these two sensors also have the same CLGA package, optical center, output structure and processing technology. Both sensors can operate at two different speed levels (standard and high speed) that are advantageous in product development and marketing. Together with pin-to-pin and register compatibility, this provides camera manufacturers with versatility that takes into account both resolution and speed in a single camera design

Rafael Romay, vice president of Teledyne e2v professional imaging, said: we are very pleased that emerald 12m and 16m, new members of emerald sensor product series, have entered the mass production stage. These two sensors are popular with machine vision customers because of their high performance and embedded features. We have recently expanded this product range by adding emerald 67m to provide customers with high-speed processing and high-resolution imaging capabilities

Dr. avi strum, senior vice president and general manager of CMOS imaging sensor business unit of towerjazz, said: after more than ten years of cooperation, Teledyne e2v and towerjazz have made full use of their combined expertise to bring top-level industrial sensors to the market. Emerald product series is the latest and most advanced. Based on the full field shutter, it can provide first-class 2.8um small pixels at 110 nm. We look forward to further cooperation with Teledyne e2v to serve the growing machine vision market if you find any failure in the power plug

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