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Elites of the powder exhibition gathered to actively respond to the financial crisis

"the Seventh International powder industry/bulk Technology Exhibition and Conference (IPB 2009 while implementing the national and provincial preferential policies)" will be held in Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center on December. It is a grand event for the preparation and application of powder particles in the fields of chemical industry, pharmacy, food, rubber and plastic, light industry, materials, metallurgy, mining, energy, environmental protection, port construction, etc. the exhibition covers the processing, transportation, testing, application and other technologies and equipment of powder, particles and bulk materials

since 2008, the financial storm caused by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has gradually spread to all walks of life. For the powder industry, which is used in all aspects, the impact can not be ignored. The sluggish market has brought a severe test to IPB's exhibition recruitment work, but we can still be proud to be recognized by many enterprises in the industry. It can be seen that in the process of market recovery, enterprises are still willing to choose exhibitions with less investment and high return as the way of "business breakthrough". Many companies have also recently expanded their booth areas, such as Hosokawa Mikron, piabo, Kunshan intimate friends, Shanghai World holdings, Zhuhai OMAX, zeplin, Zhejiang Fengli, Shanghai Dachuan yuan, Yishu, Fanchang machinery, etc. the positive attitude and firm confidence of these enterprises is one of the essential elements of market recovery

Hosokawa, as a global industry leader in providing optimized powder processing and manufacturing technology and cutting-edge equipment, recently doubled its exhibition area and decided to participate in this exhibition in the form of a group. At that time, the company will bring the high-speed mixing granulator produced by the Dutch company and the laboratory equipment made in Germany to the scene. Please look forward to the new products and technologies from the Japanese headquarters of Hosokawa and its branches in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom; Shanghai World control exhibition site will also bring dust removal equipment for the tightening of new cast iron specimens, a device to remove impurities and dust in the flow of granular materials, so as to avoid the possible quality problems of finished products caused by particles such as particle fragments or wire drawing mixed in raw materials. It is worth mentioning that this IPB has not only attracted a large number of new customers, but also many old exhibitors have expanded the exhibition area. Zhangjiagang Fanchang Machinery Co., Ltd. this year's 3 yuan NCM basic patent is held by American 3M company, and the booth area has expanded three times compared with last year, which fully reflects our exhibitors' positive attitude and long-term strategy to deal with the crisis. We can even predict that the development pace of powder industry and bulk technology will be larger and larger because of the baptism of this crisis

IPB 2009 will be an important moment for you to focus on this scene

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