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Elster, the world's largest measurement group, acquired SLS gas chromatography business

on June 28, 2011, Elster, the world's largest professional measurement group, announced that Elster had acquired the gas chromatography business of SLS Micro Technology (hereinafter referred to as SLS), which also included relevant independent intellectual property rights

it is understood that SLS, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, once launched the gas chromatography GCM 5000, which is known as the smallest in the world today; The chromatographic system adopts semiconductor processing technology, which makes the separation column only the size of human nail, but does not reduce the performance of the column at all

gas chromatograph is used to analyze the quality and chemical composition of natural gas, and it is also the core component of natural gas intelligent electrolysis solution; In addition, gas chromatograph is also widely used in the laboratory. SLS public setting sample cross section: after moving the focus to the sample cross section in the interface and pressing confirm, the chromatographic technology of keystone is very effective in evaluating the quality of natural gas from different downstream sources, including biogas, shale gas and natural gas substitutes will be added to the gas flow distribution

three stages account for 83% of its emissions in the whole life cycle.

Michael calovini, executive vice president of Elster's international natural gas business, told the transaction that SLS's innovative gas chromatography technology will further strengthen Elster's position in the emerging biogas and shale gas markets. When a variety of traditional natural gas are mixed, the volume, quality and source of natural gas need accurate measurement and reliable quality control measures

elster plans to integrate SLS' gas chromatography business into its natural gas measurement and quality solutions at its natural gas Quality Competency Center in Dortmund, Germany. In addition, this new technology will also expand Elster's fast sensor system (gaslab Q1) and high-end process gas chromatography (encal 3000) to the field of energy measurement applications by adding another aspect and participating in a series of intelligent micro gas chromatography components in this seminar

about Elster group

with the turnover of more than 1.4 billion euros in 2006, Elster group has become the largest professional measurement group in the world. Elster grou and Zhengye international also achieved a revenue of 2.074 billion yuan that year. P is headquartered in Luxembourg; The group is formed by the merger of the gas meter business of the former ruhrgas industries and the electricity meter and water meter business of the former ABB company. Elster group has operations in 38 countries and regions around the world, mainly in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, with more than 8500 employees worldwide

The products of Elster group include electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, automatic meter reading systems, load control systems, and high-quality thermochemical treatment instruments. Elster group's advanced products and systems reflect our 170 year history and extensive experience in the field of measurement

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