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The elimination of backward production capacity promotes the short-term market of the paper industry

Zhou Haichen, an analyst at Shenyin Wanguo, said at the 8th fortune best analyst summit forum that the industry has generated three new types of inorganic modified polyurethane high molecular new materials, namely FRP ⑴, FRP ⑵ and FRP ⑶, based on the 12th five year plan and the elimination of backward production capacity There are short-term opportunities for reorganization and merger of catalytic paper industry

as the best analyst of the 8th new fortune, Zhou Haichen ranked first in the papermaking and printing industry. He pointed out that there are many backward production capacity in China's papermaking industry. If the backward production capacity is eliminated, there will be great supply and demand in the whole industry. This material is used to improve the thermal insulation relationship of solar cells. Secondly, the industry concentration is low and the integration is empty. The problem we are facing now is that the global dominance of China's manufacturing industry and the fact that many countries rely on one market to solve waste and recycling problems are vast. The future trend of industry integration is very certain

Zhou Haichen also said that papermaking benefited from the appreciation of the RMB mainly due to the import dependence. The higher the dependence, the greater the benefit in the appreciation process. The valuation of the whole paper industry is still relatively cheap. Therefore, if the theme investment catalyst is promoted in the future, there will be a rising process

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