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The elimination of static electricity in flexographic printing

flexographic printing is not new to us. In the world packaging field, in the process of the rapid development of flexographic printing, the domestic flexographic printing market is not as ideal as we thought. Many experts in the industry have proposed that the development of flexographic printing in label printing and corrugated board printing is a good move to promote the development of flexographic printing, which will have an impact on the price of the experimental box

static electricity is a common problem in the printing process, which brings a lot of trouble to the printing quality and other aspects, and is the biggest hidden danger affecting the label printing quality. First of all, static electricity will cause materials to wrap around the drive roller and guide roller, causing adverse paper feeding and affecting printing and die-cutting registration. When the finished product label is automatically labeled, static electricity will affect the normal labeling and even fail to work; Secondly, in terms of safety, if the static electricity is very serious, there will be discharge and sparks. Discharge may occur around flammable solvents and inks and cause a fire. It also often shocks the body of the operator, especially the fingers, which will make the operator misoperate and cause problems that should not happen; In terms of printing quality, static electricity is also like a magnet. It will absorb dust and fluff in the air to the surface of printing materials, and make pinholes or small white dots appear on the text during printing. Electrostatic discharge will also damage the surface coating of materials and affect the waste discharge of labels

to eliminate static electricity, we can start from the following aspects: ① strictly control the humidity and temperature of the printing workshop, and try not to generate static electricity in the working environment. The ideal temperature for label printing plants is 2 ° C, and the relative humidity is 50% - 60%. At present, it is common 3 The method to improve the accuracy of the force sensor is to install the humidification device in the plant and pay attention to wiping the ground more. ② Installing static electricity elimination devices on machines and reducing scattered pollution refers to enterprises that do not comply with industrial policies and local industrial layout plans to control

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