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How should carton factories keep up with the trend of e-commerce and app marketing

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core tip: ten years ago, the idea of selling customized corrugated packaging on the Internet was considered absurd. Unless consumers are willing to wait for a few weeks and pay a high price for it, this concept of Internet marketing was considered absurd to sell customized corrugated packaging on the Internet ten years ago. Unless consumers are willing to wait a few weeks and pay a high price for it, this concept of Internet marketing is not feasible in traditional manufacturing processes. However, with the rapid development of new digital printing and post press technology, this traditional business model is being changed

more and more corrugated packaging processors are aware of this wave and have successively opened up e-commerce stations, apps and other applications to exploit new markets with their investment in digital printing and processing equipment

these stations and apps provide all the advantages of digital printing, such as personalization, small number of orders, fast time to market, and easy ordering. This change is partly due to the introduction of a high-speed single channel corrugated packaging digital printing machine

kerry Drake, vice president of PXI digital solutions sales and marketing, said: "with the rise and development of corrugated packaging digital printing technology, the e-commerce business of graphic packaging has been greatly expanded, while e-commerce stations and apps have met the needs of customers who like to buy goods and want customization and convenience."

some early stations mainly engaged in the sales of corrugated packaging, for example, were mainly used to sell products, such as brown cartons. It is one of the first retailers to provide multi-color customized packaging. The initial users of the station are mainly self-employed and small brands. They hope to use small orders and new concepts to achieve cost-effectiveness

justin Stacey, director of innovation and emerging business of fantastapack, said, "nowadays, more and more large brands are eager for fast and simple. Dealers want to carry out digital production for customers without direct investment in production." The station has expanded from several carton styles in the early days to more than 30 today, and the product range has also covered retail display and labels

boxmaker is one of the first companies to use corrugated digital printing. The digital printing equipment in the factory includes HP pagewide C500 single channel digital printer, HP Scitex 15500 and 17000 multi-channel digital printer, and HP indigo ws6800, Zund and Esko Kongsberg digital cutting machines for labels and folding cartons

Stacy pointed out that fantastapack's orders are printed digitally, and end customers can customize and change them according to their needs and scale

imperative trend

boxes, bay cities packaging and design and dusobox are preparing to launch the relevant stations for corrugated packaging sales

xceed is the name of the new e-commerce station of boxes company. It provides 35 kinds of goods, including beverage containers, POP display racks and signs. "Brittany Bierman, the company's e-commerce manager, mentioned a small brewery that wanted to sell beer in the local grocery store.

"For larger carton packaging suppliers, the minimum order quantity is usually high. However, this is not the case for Xceed. We can also order disposable packaging with different graphics for each state or program. This opens up the market for consumers and gives them greater freedom to design their own products."

the recent investment and installation in digital equipment has brought further support to the development of the station. Last year, boxes' custom display racks and signs division installed EFI nozomi C18000 single channel corrugated digital printer. In addition, the company also owns one HP Scitex 15500, one EFI vutek and four Z ü ndcad cutting machines

the company has just ordered a second nozomi digital printer, which will be fully operational in the second quarter of 2020

Bierman said: "there is really no limit on the number of orders for Xceed. Because we run through a high-speed digital printing machine, the running time of orders can be shorter. If we want to order 1000 pieces, 200 of which are such graphics, and 200 of which are other graphics, it will be very simple to use our digital printing method." Boxes' nozomi C18000 single channel digital printer is a perfect solution

the method adopted by wizbangbox of dusobox company is slightly different from that of other corrugated packaging e-commerce stations. B2B stations are not directly sold to consumers, but designed for existing customers

customers with login access can upload their works and save them in the resource library. They can also choose dusobox to provide existing designs that can also be used for stretching, tightening, bending, peeling, shearing, tearing, puncturing, bursting and various high and low temperature experiments after selecting different accessories according to gb/iso/astm/jis/din and other standards. The station currently has 11 product categories, from glove boxes and display racks to expansion boxes and partitions. For customers who often order the same item and make minor changes to the design every time, this station is a very ideal choice

"many stations are unable to save your projects as the global demand for strong and lightweight materials continues to grow. There is no repository in which to store your images and save them. This makes it easy to repeat orders." Roland green, technical director of dusobox prepress operation and workflow, said

dusobox's extensive digital production department has inherent advantages. The recycling of waste plastics into environmentally friendly 3D printing materials is highly respected, that is, there is no minimum order quantity, and variable data and customized packaging can be realized. Its secondary plant in Orlando, Florida has one HP Scitex 15500 digital printer and two Esko Kongsberg cutting machines, and will soon start a high-speed single channel digital printer. This printer will be used in conjunction with the most advanced traditional printer, providing unlimited possibilities for users of wizbangbox

"E-Commerce orders can run on any machine. This method is perfect." Green said. The company's focus on color management is another differentiator. Dusobox is a G7 Master Certified factory, which can provide color consistency in multiple printing processes such as flexographic printing, offset mounting or digital printing

The new station of

bay cities is called diypack. The main users are small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers who want to order as small as 2000 orders. Initially, in addition to custom sizes, there will be four different box styles and six stock sizes

the site has "designed by you" and "designed for you" options, as well as the "inspiration" tab for users to find creative and customized ideas. The company's barber á njetmaster 1750 single channel digital printer, HP Scitex 15500 multi-channel printer and Z ü nd digital cutter guarantee diypack. Nanek dinchlow, senior director of marketing and brand promotion of the company, said that the process from receiving orders to delivering orders is highly automated

"when someone designs a box, our Esko system can implement it. All the contents of the printing machine will be generated automatically, so no one in the company will touch it."

stations + e-commerce software platform

all stations need a back-end e-commerce software platform. The key to the expansion of the base in corrugated packaging B2C is the internal cause. The tools used include Shopify/Shopify plus, woocommerce, xmpie, Magento, Wix and netsuite

most of these stations use software to enable customers to resize their designs and view their renderings in 3D. Fantastapack, Xceed, wizbangbox and diypack all allow users to create the concept of their project, add graphics, logos, etc. in a few minutes

the real future of corrugated packaging

the establishment of e-commerce stations may be a costly proposal. "For a company, or even a small company, participating in e-commerce requires a lot of time, money and energy." Drake said that it usually requires multiple participants to create e-commerce solutions, including the choice of platforms, plug-ins and integrators. They must ensure that all functions in the manufacturing infrastructure work normally

however, it is worthwhile to invest in opening up e-commerce stations for marketing. Perhaps, e-commerce is the real future of corrugated packaging

overall, the share of e-commerce in retail sales is expected to double from 2016 to 2022. This will be the case in all industries, including corrugated packaging. Digital printing is the best way to play with small batch and personalized customized packaging

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